Thank you Mr. President

Don-At-WorkThank you Mr. President

By Don Valentine

      Our President is on a mission to ensure that the country will not be saddled with the albatross of Donald’s Trump mercurial ethos. President Obama has made it clear that he will swiftly endorse Hillary Clinton once she gets the requisite votes necessary to be the presumptive Democratic nominee.

In a recent U.S.A. Today article, David Jackson commented, “President Obama is poised to become the most active lame duck campaigner in history…” Historically the sitting President waits till close to the election to toss in his proverbial hat. In this election the Administration will put its entire effort into not having to struggle with a thin skinned capricious President. A President Trump with the nuclear codes is a hazard to the entire global community. That is the worst case, but consider his tendency to make salacious comments about our neighbors.

It won’t take a large mental leap to envision what damage he could do the United States worldwide reputation.

There is no debate that Trump brings a voice that is opined quietly in many circles of society. That does not make that practical or correct.

Specifically, short of the Native American Indians, everyone in America is an immigrant. His well-known comments on Mexicans, Muslims and wo-men show he does not have the maturity to hold the office. Trump has never held an elected office of any sort. The leader of the free world is not an on-the-job learning position. The President deserves kudos for slugging this fight out against this inept Presidential fraud.

Moreover, as a Constitutional Scholar, the President is standing up to salacious comments by Trump to the judicial branch. The Judicial side was designed to be a “Checks in Balance” by the Founding Fathers. Trump’s denigrating and erroneous comments toward the judge in his current case demonstrates that he does not exhibit the propriety for the Executive office. I applaud the President for taking on this fight. Life will be very precarious if Trump, a T.V. show charlatan, would secure the Oval Office.

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