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Source: “The Puritan Christian Agenda. ” The fact is that the Puritans were the forerunners in America of today’s Kingdom/Dominion/Reconstructionist teachings.                                                                     

The certified Sumerian Atra-Hasis text is the historic beginning of the civilized hybrid human beings, happened in Abzu, South Africa. There is no civilized reason to believe in the 100% uncivilized bible. The following gives us irrefutable affirmation and endorsement for coherent human civilization. In the Akkadian versions of human prehistory, Bit Shimti means: house where the wind of life is breathed in. The truth about civilized human existence indeed lies in certified academia, and evidently arose in southeastern Africa. Currently, we have a scientist group headed by Michael Tellinger doing research on the ancient Metropolis, found in Africa by Dan Eden. The community in South Africa was called “Abzu” and was the prime location of the Elohim gold mining operation. Michael Tellinger wrote: “The Land of Queen Sheba, The Mysteries of South Africa and Afrika, and My visit to the Ancient Temple of Afrikan/Egyptian Spirituality.

“They have always been there. People noticed them before. But no one could remember who made them or why. Until just recently, no one even knew how many there were. Now they are everywhere — thousands — no, hundreds of thousands of them! And the story they tell is the most important story of humanity. But it’s one we might not be prepared to hear.”

Something amazing has been discovered in an area of South Africa, about 150 miles inland, west of the port of Maputo. It is the remains of a huge metropolis that measures, in conservative estimates, about 1500 square miles. It’s part of an even larger community that is about 10,000 square miles and appears to have been constructed — are you ready — from 160,000 to 200,000 BCE!”

What is clear to me, is the spatiotemporal duration that describes for us, the calendric B.C.E. era, and its collision with the uncivilized A.D. Anno Domini, In the year of our Lord. Is it any less or more than a cataclysm? Prior to the creation of the civilized Black-Headed hybrid people by the Elohim gods, no record of coherent civilized humans existed, only the Elohim were perfectly civilized. Then they mixed life blood of Wise Homo Sapiens with the flesh and blood of the Elohim gods, to form a distinct civilized hybrid human Primitive Worker. Henceforth, the entire world only contained civilized people, living in tiny villages to filling up Africa, to the time that Elohim promoted the emergence of big civilization that only consisted exclusively of polytheism people. These special people from 3-200,000 years ago, civil identity remained mural, until the first civilizations.

These early civilizations began to form around the time of the Neolithic Revolution (12,000 BCE). Rivers were attractive locations for the first civilizations because they provided a steady supply of drinking water and made the land fertile for growing crops.

On or about the Neolithic time though, the cancerous seed of miscegenation between some African hybrid people moving across Asia, found ground, and started to grow. The uncivilized Caucasoid imbibed the chance to enhance their lack of civilized thinking. Beings of several interracial mixing became blessed with vast imitation ability, and in a few thousand years transformed much of their evolutionary uncivilized ignorance, becoming close to matching the hybrid people. Their success in reading and writing, common sense, sodomy and criminality, mingled with a beastly type of proclivity, which gave them some unadjusted agenda, they wanted to create a world filled with their own cultural anti-civil morals. They started to attack the African civilizations coming on to the end of the Bronze Age, only known as “The Sea People” recorded in history, reveals they are the barbarian characters that destroyed the long success of the Bronze Age 1200 B.C.

What happened next? They set their big eyes on overthrowing the Roman Etruscan Lucius Tarquinius King of Rome.

A reader of keen observation can easily discern the pirates’ agenda by their actions aimed at the African Roman king. So much so in the aftermath, where they became the so-called democracy criminal rulers, with power to write contrived history of far flung lies of premeditated behavior. They write history from start to finish, so that the uncivilized minds are not likely to realize the ocean of lying mockery. They speak of the time they entered the nice city and adjacent areas, saying that, all in all, Rome had a good central location. But that is a right-on give away, exposing that they were the strangers just migrating into the Mediterranean Sea Italian Peninsula of the civilized hybrid Black people’s neighborhood. But they began to brand themselves as longtime residents—The People of Italy—but they are Indo-European Caucasoid moved into Italy between1500 to 1000 B.C. Yet history states—we know little about these peoples.

This group maintained their Indo-European identity in the strange community of African Blacks, before these Indo-Europeans began calling themselves Romans. Note their lack of wits—how they identified that geography was indeed a Black settlement with the following statement: After the original Black Romans had established their Mediterranean empire, governing it was made easier. The Roman Kingship Dynasty founded 753 B.C. when the present known Rome was just a little city, spend much cash to upgrade it to a renowned city. The time I read that account the barbarian pirates Indo-Europeans lived in the City’s apparent furnished accommodation, while they awaited the date of the king’s ill fate.


The woeful day of the 509 B.C. overthrow of the seventh and final Roman King arrived, just like a day in eternal hell. The shockingly unthinkable happened. In our day, thieves hurry to leave the scene, but in the day of this coup, perpetrators took the entire King’s trove, including the immovable land, hardware and software, and the Gods of Nibiru heaven’s secrets that common and unpriestly individuals were not allowed to see. This venue is known as St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome today, and remains stolen property belonging to the Elohim Gods and bequeathed creation. Then there is the King’s Military and dress code, ultimately the King’s Roman name was also illegally assumed by the thieves. To this day, the Caucasoid barbarians still possess the notorious tangible and intangible property—I know this will be too uncivilized to comprehend.


From the coup in 509 B.C. to 63 B.C., the white bogus Romans, used the camouflaged military, and the population assumption that it is legitimately Roman, to invade and conquer many African-settled territories—including Egypt. They are now in Palestine as the only power on Earth, and headed toward the next disaster for civilization, which is the A.D. 1, which abolished the Elohim Polytheism Zodiacal Calendar, and then totally voided the Elohim Kingship law and polytheistic religion and religious rituals of the traditional and civilized way of life. Those uncivilized lawless actions, had never been authenticated by legal Elohim decrees, therefore, it is impossible for a barbarian criminal uprising to displace the valid establishment of the Elohim Gods’ sovereign Kingship government; to design a perpetual rule over the civilized African hybrid people’s global population.

History gives us distinct clarity on civilized race separation. It says: “The culture of a people is the way of life that they follow.” In the certified Sumerian history, the civilized gods and goddesses came to Earth, in the form of heterosexual beings, in time they created the hybrid people by DNA in their image and after their likeness. African hybrid people are an inclusive culture and civilization, a 100% legal exclusion of European Caucasoid. Let it be known that the uncivilized Caucasoid A.D. Anno Domini is wholly illegal under the Elohim perpetual Kingship on Earth wherever polytheistic people settled. The parasitic Caucasoid is a sodomy culture, the proprietor of a blasphemous and uncivilized holy bible, and the unprecedented 19th century imperial colonialism, that without civilized human conscience, forced hegemonic liquidation of all African people’s wealth in the western hemisphere, using the fraudulent A.D. laws.

The Caucasoid reign is over now and all eyes are beginning to see, their very deeds and words have been the destroying energy that destroyed the mighty power fools think that they have always had, as stated in the following:

“Defenders of the Puritans claim that it was the hostility of the Pequots that led to their unfortunate demise. But the Pequots were one of The most tranquil tribes in New England. History reveals that their “hostility” did not manifest itself until they were hunted like animals. For argument sake, let’s say that the Pequots were the instigators of hostilities, virtual savages if you will (which they were not). Does this justify hunting them down, slaughtering the men, women, and children in their sleep, and then doing it again six weeks later to finish the job!? (Not exactly “battlefield” victories!) Moreover, the Puritans claimed it was in obedience to God that these pagans were slaughtered!”


Source: “The Puritan Christian Agenda. ” The fact is that the Puritans were the forerunners in America of today’s Kingdom/Dominion/Reconstructionist teachings.





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