The Crockett Foundation empowers youth through technology-based tutoring program

CROCKETT1The Crockett Foundation empowers youth through technology-based tutoring program

The Crockett Foundation in partnership with the Community Foundation of Broward and Margate Middle School to begin second semester of tutoring program

Staff and partners pose with Margate Principal Earnest Toliver (fourth from left) l to r: Mr. Condomanolis, Math Specialist; Amy Stephens, Education Specialist; Zack Crockett, co-founder of Crockett Foundation; Joe Ann Fletcher, CEO, Saint Laurence Chapel Day Shelter and partner of Crockett Foundation; Henri Crockett, CEO and co-founder of Crockett Foundation, and Trellanee Moore Adderley, Reading Specialist.

By Amy Stephens

     When students went back to school Jan. 6, 2014, there were 25 students from Margate Middle School gearing up for the second semester of P.H.D. 4 Teen Success (Promoting Higher Dedication), an after-school tutoring program created by the Crockett Foundation. The focus of this program is to help eradicate illiteracy and improve reading skills while helping our students stay in school and excel in their academics.

Henri Crockett, CEO and co-founder of the organization said he believes strongly in giving back and helping students succeed academically. “As a child growing up in Pompano Beach I was always blessed with the ability to ignore all odds placed against me because I believed in myself and my abilities. I strongly felt that if I was able to do this then a lot of youth faced with the same circum-stances could learn from me. At the end of the day when you really think about it, what other choice is there but to hope, and by giving back to the community my brother Zack and I give hope to our youth.”

The afterschool program is centered on the ABC’s – Attendance, Behavior, and Course performance, and sets itself apart by providing students with iPads, purchased by the Crockett Foundation, to enable learning. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded their own iPad.

Peer tutoring is heavily emphasized, as high school volunteers are brought in to work one-on-one with students in math and reading. The success of the program was made possible by a grant received from Community Foundation of Bro-ward’s School is Cool Initiative. The initiative funds $1.2 million in grants to 10 projects in the Broward County area that aim to strengthen the skills of middle school students in order to boost high school graduation rates.

Joe Ann Fletcher, CEO of Saint Laurence Chapel Day Shelter and partner of the Crockett Foundation commented, “We are proud of our students and their hard work. We have seen improvement in each of them and hope that our efforts will help them build a more positive future for both themselves and their communities.” The program administrators and principal felt the first semester was a huge success. Students improved their grades, attendance improved and there were fewer disciplinary referrals reported.

About the Organization:

The Crockett Foundation is a South Florida based non-pro-fit organization committed to improving the quality of life for youth in the local community. Their mission is to provide educational opportunities, increase health and awareness, and in-spire and equip today’s youth to overcome any social, political, economic, cultural, or technological challenges that may prohibit them from realizing their full potential. This organization was co-founded by retired NFL Players Henri (Minnesota Vikings) and Zack Crockett (Oakland Raiders). This organization has positively impacted the lives of thousands of children since its inception 11 years ago and continues to make a difference each day.


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