The Democrats are Poised for Victory in Florida in 2022

Roger Caldwell

By Roger Caldwell

The general mid-term election in Florida has started, and the governor’s race will be a nasty fight until the end. Governor DeSantis will have over $100 million; candidate Charlie Crist will have a $100 million, and the independent, people of color, and women will determine who wins.

The Republicans are standing on Whiteness and power, and everyone is all in. It does not matter who is being harmed or if the policy/bill makes sense, if you are a Republican you stay in line. The only group that is challenging the Republican leadership are women.

A recent Washington Post – ABC News poll found that voters largely disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of the economy and inflation. “Everything was going our way. Gas is above $5. Inflation is a giant problem,” a former Republican congressman, granted anonymity to speak candidly, told Politico.

It was obvious that Republicans wanted things to go bad for the Democrats, but the landmark Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade was a losing issue for them. This decision gave all women an opportunity to fight for the right to control their bodies, and the Republicans created this mess. Instead of putting the blame on President Biden, now Republican women are leaving the party.

The timing of this decision was terrible, because it overturned nearly a 50-year precedent that legalized abortion nationwide. In 2022, most men knew that they cannot tell women what to do with their bodies, but the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade anyway.

There is nothing more powerful than an angry woman, and now they have a one track mind. This is a conversation that the Republicans don’t want to have, but they can’t get around it.

As Republican women leave their party, President Biden begins to have victory after victory. The price of gas has decreased consistently for 66 days and the president is receiving high marks for this achievement. This is a kitchen table discussion, and positive communications win votes.

Americans have a short attention span and it is easy to forget the positive bills that have been achieved with the Biden – Harris administration. Many Americans have forgotten the bi-partisan bill, “The American Rescue Act” where citizens got a check for $1,400, and many businesses got grants and loans to survive the pandemic.

There was also a bill passed to recognize “Juneteenth” – a National Independence Day, and a “Gun Control Act,” to expand background checks. Early in the Biden – Harris administration a bill was passed named, “the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act,” and the roads, bridges will be fixed and made safe with millions of jobs.

In the last three weeks President Biden has continued to take victory laps, as the Democrats and the president keeps winning.  President Biden has signed the “Inflation Reduction Bill,” which will create clean energy and improve the climate. Finally the administration with two and a half month left in the election, Biden has passed the student Loan relief act, which will impact thousands of students of color.

President Biden has given Democrats in Florida a multitude of issues to run on, and it is time to sanitize the state from DeSantis. There has never been 3 candidates of color running for cabinet positions in Florida, and a Black women (Val Demings) running for Senate. This is unprecedented in the history of Florida, and the Democrats can win.

In order for the leadership team in the Democrat Party to win in Florida, the candidates must be on the same page, and work together. They must spend $3 million in the Black community, and $3 million in the Hispanic community.

Money must be spent in the Black and Hispanic media, the churches, the community organization, and also continue to get more Floridians registered to vote. There must be another $3 million spent on the youth, and surrogates must be sent all over the state.

This is a movement and governor candidate Charlie Crist must galvanize the Democrats, people of color, women, seniors, and the youth with a moral compass to win.

The women, diversity, and the youth is the reason the Democrats will win.

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