The Democrats need the Black and Hispanic vote to win the Presidential election

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Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

The Democrats need the Black and Hispanic vote to win the Presidential election

By Roger Caldwell

As Hillary Clinton gets closer to wining the Democratic nomination for president her strategy is to go after the minority vote. In her television advertisements, she is talking about systematic racism, and the inhuman treatment of Blacks by police departments around the country. These are bold statements of truth that shows she is willing to fight for Black and Hispanic rights.

A large number of members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) have recently endorsed Hillary as their choice in 2016, for the Democratic nomination. Personally, I think the decision to endorse Hillary was too early and premature in the campaign process. The CBC did not put together or identify a comprehensive plan for the Black community based on our needs, for our endorsement.

“I declare, therefore that the Congressional Black Caucus has disrespected America’s Black voters. The early endorsement was a give away to Hilary and the Democratic Party. No deal was made with Hillary and no deal was made with the Democratic Party for Black support and the vote. However, you can bet your last dollar that the deal is for reelection support for CBC members and appointments if Hillary becomes POTUS,” says writer Al Calloway in the South Florida Times.

For too long our Black political representatives and leaders have sold our community down the river, and after the election a few middle class Blacks received a job or a grant. But, the majority of the residents on a local level see no significant changes in the school system, police brutality, crime, violence, and social services.

On a national level, Blacks have always supported the Clintons, and it always appeared on the surface that the Clintons supported the Black community. During President Clinton’s administration, he appointed more Blacks to positions of authority than any other president in the United States. But as a politician, Blacks must remember that Bill Clinton talked out of both sides of his mouth.

Many forget that President Clinton’s nick-name was “Slick Willie” and he introduced to the Black community his “Omnibus Crime Bill.” Clinton’s crime bill pledged to put a hundred thousand police officers on the street, created a federal three strikes provision that opened the door to lengthy prison terms for repeat offenders, and ushered in big money to build more prisons. This was the beginning of mass incarceration, which helped to destroy the Black family, the Black man, and the Black community.

Mrs. Clinton has apologized for the devastation of her husband’s policies to the Black community, and it appears that the CBC has given her a pass. But, there needs to be a Democratic presidential debate where the focus is on the Black community, and both candidates discuss their plan for the improvement of our economy, education, and political conditions.

Senator Bernie Sanders’s rise among young Black voters should be another reason why the CBC should have waited before they endorsed Hillary Clinton.

There is a major divide between the different Black generations, and the CBC needs to hold town hall meetings, to understand the unique needs in our communities. After the CBC had completed its community studies across the country, they would be in a position to negotiate from a place of strength with both candidates, and the Democratic Party.

In 2016, the CBC and other Black organizations are not taking advantage of their political power and influence. Without the Black vote and the Hispanic vote the Democrats cannot win the presidential election. The Black media and Black political groups should be in a position to receive millions of dollars from both candidates to help get the vote out.

With a Black united front across the country, there should be millions of dollars earmarked for the Black community. Negotiation is the key in American politics, and Blacks and Hispanics are in a position to call the shots, if they are a united front.



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