The Essence of a Black Woman

Bobby R. Henry, Sr.
Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

The Essence of a Black Woman

Her heart is as pure as Africa’s gold.

And no one knows the full depths

     of her unconquerable soul.

Her treasure is her

Knowledge of the universe.

Her pleasure are endless

     and many thirst.

Her food for thoughts is how

To stay in God’s good grace, being

     forever mindful that no man

Can ever take His place.

 Her defensive posture is that

     of bended knees, bowed

     head and humble heart.

From this position she prays

     that war and hatred will end

     and the love of all life will start.

 When you look at a Black Woman,

     just look pass what you see,

Understanding that her Essence was

Made out of unadulterated History!

 By Bobby R. Henry © 1997

A Black Man


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