The impact of Afro-Caribbean Canadians in the NBA

Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett
Anthony Bennett

The impact of Afro-Caribbean Canadians in the NBA

In a sport deep-rooted within the USA, basketball has been dominated by the brilliance of American-born players who have lit up the NBA with their naturally gifted abilities that come together individually and collectively on the court. It led to a progression of other countries taking an interest in the sport and learning the trade that famous people, such as Michael Jordan, brought to the fore. While players of real talent are emerging from all corners of the world, there is a new wave of basketball players coming from Canada who have the potential to become NBA stars. Steve Nash is the perfect example of a role model that Canadian players of every race wish to emulate in their journey towards becoming a professional sportsman

Continental Talent

While African Americans, such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, continue to be the leading lights in the NBA, it can help to encourage a generation of Black players who follow in their footsteps. The new wave of Canadian talent, which include the likes of Anthony Bennett, bring their own traits and qualities that can rub off on other rookies and future generations. Players who learn how to play basketball outside of America tend to learn new methods and skills through innovative coaching that not only ensure young men reach their potential, but also have the chance to prove themselves on the court.

Afro-Caribbean Canadian Role Models

Afro-Caribbean Canadians who are coming through high school and college basketball divisions in America or Canada can look to inspirational role models who have made their mark in the NBA through hard work, determination and a passion to succeed. The state of Florida is known for its sandy beaches and thrill-seeking rides at Disney Land, but there are two Black Canadian basketball players who are shining examples to those looking to enjoy a career in basketball. Miami Heat centre Joel Anthony was once part of a formidable trio that included Chris Bosh and LeBron James, and played a leading role in his team’s back-to-back NBA titles. The latest NBA basketball odds make Miami Heat favourites to win the Eastern Conference and the Championship – achievements which would further enhance Anthony’s successful career as a Black Canadian basketball player. At only 23, power forward Andrew Nicholson is in his third season as an NBA player with the Orlando Magic and has already made important contributions in big games. Nicholson only began playing basketball until he started eleventh grade, which serves as an example to all aspiring young, Black men that they can make the grade, whether it is immediate or as a late bloomer.

Future Stars

With so many talented, Afro-Caribean Canadian players beginning to appear in the NBA draft and rosters of NBA teams, it could be difficult to place certain names above others. This is largely due to the gold medal won by the men’s Canadian basketball team at the 2012 Olympic Games which led to an influx of talent emerging. As the number one pick in the 2013 NBA draft for the Cleveland Cavaliers, talented forward Anthony Bennett has the opportunity to not only enjoy a successful NBA career, but also be a role model for aspiring youngsters to follow his example. Another Black Canadian who is making great waves is Andrew Wiggins who won the Naismith award which is given to the top player in high school basketball; Wiggins made history in the progress by becoming the first Canadian to receive the award. Like Bennett, Wiggins could find himself as the top pick in the 2014 NBA draft with teams jostling to have him on their roster and develop his undoubted potential.

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