The impact of Police Brutality on our society

manleyThe impact of Police Brutality on our society

By Elijah Manley

     It is in my best interests to present peaceful tactics regarding ending oppression on our Youth. Our community has focused on Police Brutality for a very long time.

Then there are conservatives raising the argument of African American Crime Rates. But, what society has forgotten to do was question why our youth are involved in so much crime? I have an answer for that.

Crime is influenced by the individual’s Socio-economic standpoint in society.

That’s textbook Criminology. In other words, I am saying that society has failed our children. While I am not trying to give leeway to juvenile delinquents, I am rather to say that the state is held responsible for the results of their actions. Let me explain. A child steals a purse from a lady on a corner. Media makes it seem that the child stole it just for personal gain. But they hate to mention the question ‘Why did the child steal that lady’s purse?’ The appropriate question is “Why would the child need to commit a crime?” The simple answer is that the child lacks opportunity.

By the way, I am not implementing my studies based solely on the factor race. I am implementing it based on an age factor basis. It is shown that many children that lack opportunity turn to crime in order to make it in society. Maybe their parents’ don’t have good jobs, or they can’t afford necessary living conditions.

So in order to afford it, they go into crime. This is quite the opposite of the Fox News Rants, but Bill O’Reilly forgot ever to mention that the social welfare programs available are not just for independent families or adults, but for our youth. So when conservatives talk about cutting these programs’ budget, they aren’t just hurting whole families, they’re hurting children just like me.

They’re hurting the next generation.

While some conservatives are actually good people with caring hearts to help others, I see that lacks in the state of Florida with our current “Governor” and “State Administration”. In other states, republicans can implement various forms of policies to help the working class, and people living in poverty, but in Florida, Rick Scott has failed to do that. A lot of Re-publicans claim they wish they had another republican choice, and I don’t blame them. But back to Juvenile Crime. The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) has published a chart in 2010 reporting that Juvenile Crime rates have decreased the lowest since 1992. With programs like those implemented by good policymakers, those rates will continue to trend. But with Scott’s crazy policies, the Juvenile Crime rates will shoot back up into the air like it was a decade ago.

Let’s think critical here. Let’s end the political battle of Democratic or Republican. Conservative or Liberal. Let’s look forward to our youth rights. I will be personally getting on Pam Bondi’s case about how she has influenced the Juvenile Justice department, which isn’t under her wing. The state’s system is terrible, and their needs to be some reforms in its current structure. Whether you are a White, Black, or Hispanic child, opportunity for you to assist me in the National Youth Rights Campaign is available. Take it and run with it. Let’s get running with youth rights. I ask Governor Scott to reform the state’s Juvenile Justice System, because it isn’t effective. It is supposed to be about rehabilitating our youth, but it’s setting them up for failure. But Scott, from me to you, I will not let that happen.”




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