The Klan Plan

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

      The January 6th insurrection that saw armed protestors storm the United States capitol building was not about a stolen election, it was not an act of patriotism and it was not conducted to protect democracy.

The January violent event that saw Capitol Police being bludgeoned with American flag poles was, in my opinion, an aspect of a highly orchestrated “Klan Plan” to insure that a white supremacist would forever occupy The White House.

Blame former President Barack Obama for what went down!

No, America’s first Black President didn’t do anything wrong but his Presidential victory incited closet klansmen and klan women to disregard what was right and to fight for what they thought should be white!

The same goes for Vice President Kamala Harris’s election that put her in place to also become a Black President if President Joe Biden is unable to complete his full term.

This idea that the United States is a white nation that should only be presided over by a white nationalist, a white supremacist or a white racist must be discredited and should be abandoned.

African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and all other Americans, including white Americans with a conscience, should be concerned.

Differences in the skin colors of United States citizens should have zero significance in a country that believes that all men, and women, are created equally.

We’ve seen this movie before.

White men who fear that people with melanin will treat white people like white people have treated them are determined to diminish any and all attempts for people of color to get and maintain political and economic power.

Don’t get it twisted. The insurrectionists are not alone. They are not just crazy Republican Party members.

There are more Democrats that find white power acceptable than you think. Some white males of all parties find something acceptable about all-white American political power.

You go on social media to post about “critical race theory” but so-called Negro intellectuals seldom mention “replacement theory”.

Replacement Theory is not a recent philosophy or ideology conjured up by Donald Trump and David Duke in a dark corner of a Steve Bannon basement. It is a perspective that has been around certainly for decades and possibly for centuries.

Replacement theory is an idea that somehow, nonwhite people or outsiders or strangers or foreigners will overtake the United States via elections, immigration, reproduction and seizure of political power.

Members of the ku klux klan not only hate to see people of color in positions of political power, they also don’t want to see non-white people in positions of economic power and judicial power.

Yes, the efforts to divide Americans on the basis of skin color are widespread in the United States and similar actions are taking place every day in other parts of the world.

No matter what, the klan plan, the replacement theory and other acts of racism and human hatred cannot alter the fact that there are, and will always be, more Black people and people of color on earth than white people.


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