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Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

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The light is the truth

By Lucius Gantt

      My newest book is scheduled for a 2015 release and will be titled The Light Is The Truth!

Today I want to give you a taste of one of the issues I’ll write about.

It’s the Sunday before the 2014 election and all through the house not a registered soul was stirring, not even a political mouse!

At this time, I don’t have a clue what the results will be but there is one thing I can predict.

I believe far more Democratic candidates will lose than win their political races.

In cities, states and political districts where there are more registered Democrats than Republicans or independents, Democrats will not be as successful in generating Democratic voters as they should be.

Why? Primarily because the so-called political professionals that Democrats choose to hire and pay millions of dollars to can’t go to sleep and dream about how to advise Democrats how to achieve Election Day success!

Let me explain why I say this.

The voters in so-called Democratic states are total political idiots when you look how they are thought of by Democratic Party leaders. Democrats, and others, in your community are educated, they are experienced, they are versatile and many have a history of giving solid political advice and winning strategies but what do state Democratic Party leaders do? They hire people from Iowa to tell Democratic candidates how to win in Florida.

They hire media consultants from Illinois to create political messages for candidates in Georgia.

They hire campaign managers from who knows where that don’t know anybody in your state and tell candidates to ignore the Democratic Party’s most loyal base and instead of motivating, firing up and influencing the voters that want to vote Democratic the most.

The carpet bagging out-of-state campaign staffers get paid up to $20,000 a month to tell Democratic candidates to try to act more Republican!

Most political campaign money is spent on media because clueless consultants say every place is a media market. California, to consultation crooks is a “media market” and so are Rhode Island and the District of Columbia, two very small and different markets!

Any candidate that believes hundreds of millions of dollars worth of negative advertising will guarantee him or her an election day victory is a political fool and a traitor to people who think that candidates should tell voters how they will be a better candidate and their vision about how this nation, state or community would be better if voters cast ballots for the correct candidate.

Consultants also steal as much as they can. Can I prove how they do it? Yes!

A political media placement company will oftentimes tell ignorant candidates to pay them about 15% commission on all media buys placed.

Ok, that’s not unusual. But satanic consultants will take 15% of the media buy money off of the top and then charge media owners an addition 15% percent. With that approach Jessie James, Ali Baba and the 40 thieves couldn’t put together a better theft plan.

Some paid political consultants will show candidates a political media rate card with a certain ad rate, take the total amount of requested funds and then go to the media companies, especially Black media, and ask for up to a 50% discount before they place an ad with the newspaper or broadcast media company.

The righteous political consultants will place ads with zero commission if he can, and really wants his political client to win.

I placed some political ads in 2014 and, perhaps since I was Black, some media owners told me they would never pay a fee or a commission to Black ad agencies that placed political ads!

I could go on and on but I won’t.

I will, however, share a parable with you that may explain what I’m trying to convey better.

The highest paid political consultants, both Democratic and Republican, will tell candidates that they are kings of political media and local consultants could never be as successful as they are.

Well, back in Biblical days, Jesus told his closest friends and Disciples that King Herod’s law enforcers would come to arrest him soon. Jesus and his boys had food, wine and everything else needed for a last supper or feast. At some point Jesus got some water to wash his friend’s feet and one of them, I think Peter, said “You are the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the Messiah  and the Savior. I’m not going to let Jesus wash my feet” and Jesus told him yes I am but what kind of Lord would I be if I didn’t serve you?

The moral is if you pay consultants millions of dollars and all they do is try to make as much money as they can off of you as easily as they can and refuse to put up one sign, make one phone call and knock on one door to help you get elected what kind of high paid consultants are they?

If the greatest Democratic consultants refuse to hire the Democrat’s most loyal Black voters, refuse to patronize Black media and other businesses, refuse to discuss political issues of interest to Black voters and refuse to talk to, email or consider serving or dealing with the masses of Black people at all, you tell me, how many Democrats will win political races on election day?

I don’t like it but you may enjoy getting 20 or 30 emails a day begging Black voters to contribute money that will only go to closet klansmen masquerading as political consultants that love African American voters.

If Black political campaign contributors give all the money they can to white consultants that would never hire a Black professional, never spend reasonable dollars with Black owned media and take money from Black communities and spend it in white communities isn’t political pimping, I don’t know what pimping is!

Before I go I want to thank the Florida Courier and the Orlando Times for sending me a little benevolent offering for my work to try and help Black media, Black businesses and Black people. Others media owners said they would do the same but they didn’t but that’s OK.

The Gantt Report has always been free to media outlets that wanted to run it.

I sincerely thank everyone for their support and also those that hate TGR because haters give me strength.

Best of luck to all candidates you support but long time readers know TGR doesn’t endorse any candidate unless I know them and support them personally. (Buy Gantt’s recent book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” online or at any major bookstore. Contact Lucius at



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