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In the world of social media, we often forget that developing authentic and in person relationships are a must. In order to advance your cause, you must meet and connect with people that believe in your mission, product or service. In accordance with that notion, lately, I have been hosting a marketing series to help businesses, brands, influencers, and nonprofit organization leaders improve their current marketing strategies.

However, I am both blown away and energized by the people who have no clue how to start marketing themselves or their business. Although I love social media, I would like to turn our attention to the basics. At some point, you should come from behind the computer and go into your communities and engage. Oddly enough in urban settings, community engagement centers around pop culture, political gossip and the latest fashion. Whereas community engagement should also include making real connections, closing deals and being a brand ambassador for what’s great in our communities. Our counterparts do this all the time, but on a golf course.

I propose that we make the networker, the mixer, the launch party our golf course. Fam, as you step out, dressed nice and ready to hand out your newly printed business cards, remember to close the deal. I know networking can be overwhelming for many, but I truly want to see you get all your coins off the table. This can be done by being effective and intentional when you engage communities.

Looking the part, knowing your pitch, always closing, following up and making valuable recommendations are consistent thoughts when I enter a space to network. In hosting my Marketing Mastery Series, I noticed that folks are eager to connect with the speaker, the moderators, the panelists when their gold is sitting right next to them. Looking the part doesn’t always mean name brands and designer clothes, but it does mean endeavor to represent your brand. This includes but goes beyond clothing. I noticed well-dressed people do not have a pitch. We must connect with our businesses first before others can. This gig society has empowered and confused people at the same time. We have too many jacks of all trades, who can’t close a deal at the mixer because they are involved in too many things to show mastery.

Marketing is an intentional communication between you and your intended supporter about your business, product or service. It’s a strategy. It’s passion. It’s legacy. Don’t wait until you are perfect to start making deals but start today making deals and perfect them as you go along. When you are operating from the treasure that Your Creator placed on the inside of you, your hard work, creativity, and passion will make you unstoppable. When guests at the event, see, hear about, or experience your passion, you will close deals with ease. To help, I recommend that you attend my marketing mastery event series or visit and click training to see my online product catalog. You are one mixer away from a $20,000.00 deal, one conference away from meeting the perfect investor, and one conference away from landing the keynote speaker of your dreams. This can happen on social media, but it’s more likely to happen when you connect with someone you know, like and trust! I hope to see you all at the “golf course” closing deals. 


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