The Newest False Promises Buy Generic Valium Online The Gantt Report By Lucius Gantt

Buy Shalina Diazepam Buy Diazepam Online Eu       To me, politicians trying to win the Presidency and other elected offices in the 2020 elections are beginning to sound a lot like pastors, preachers, priests and Imams.

Let me explain. Both groups seldom if ever talk about what they can do for you now. They always speak about how great your life will be in the future. They say if you donate to the church or contribute to the campaign, you’ll live a Heavenly or a politically heavenly life!

Listen to them. They say if you believe me and believe in me everyone will have affordable health insurance or you’ll have no more pain and sorrow. They say there’ll be free education from pre-school to college or if you vote for me, there will be no more “stop and frisk, no more police brutality and misconduct.

There is history in the messages of some religious leaders and some politicians. A plan to tell Blacks, Latinos and other voters whatever they want to hear and ignore what voters want after polls close on election day has always been utilized in United States elections.

In church revivals and anniversaries and in political caucuses and political rallies, everybody loves everybody.

It’s not unusual to sometimes realize numbers of people associated with both types of events describe themselves as your saviors, your supporters, your benefactors, your protectors, your guardians, your providers, your confidants and, ultimately, your answer to better employment, better health, better education, more opportunities and fair and impartial law enforcement.

What you are reading in internet posts, what you are seeing on cable TV and what you are reading in your so-called major newspapers and blogs is not thought out facts and policies; they are just the newest false promises!

Be careful. President Donald Trump has given a green light to every country or individual that wants to intervene in US elections, everyone that wants to suppress votes and everyone who wants to violate election laws to help a Trump reelection.

Slow your roll. Every political candidate and every political party are not always what they seem to be.

If you’re wondering what a political candidate will do at election end, look at what he’s doing in his campaign right now!

Is your favorite candidate hiring qualified Blacks on their campaigns, is he or she advertising in Black media, are they contracting Black political professionals to provide goods and services to their campaigns?

I know the answer! People that have decision making jobs on the campaign will have decision making jobs in the winning administration. People that have contracts with current campaigns will get contracts in future campaigns.

It will be hard for Black people to get jobs or contracts at the White House to rake leaves on the South lawn or to wash cars in the Presidential motorcade.

Who can deliver? Our people have always sought a true messenger of God and/or a righteous politician that can get us the pearly gates and streets of gold or to the political promised land or The Land of Plenty where taxes won’t go up, prices won’t rise and things we need like health care and education will be cheaper or free of charge.

The worse thing about the newest false promises is the way our families, friends and neighbors are being tossed, twisted and turned.

The reapportionment of federal, state and local elected offices comes very quickly after the 2020 elections. No one discussed in this column is telling you about that in the millions of dollars of ads being ran.

Whatever political party that wins in November will control government for the next ten years.

This election is very, very important. The best votes will be votes for yourself, votes for your community and votes for your kind (and I don’t mean skin color).

Don’t be misled by 2020 false promises. Talking loud, pointing and postulating doesn’t mean you’re a great candidate.

Putting people first that put you first makes you a reasonable political candidate.

Stop making false promises and tell the political truth!


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