The numbers look good for Obama One month before the election

Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

The numbers look good for Obama One month before the election

Valium Visa By Roger Caldwell

      President Obama is touting his horn everywhere he goes, because his unemployment numbers are under 6 %, the first time in 6 years. This is a fantastic achievement, because the job market recovery was slow and many times frustrating. The economy has been improving at a snail’s pace, but each month there is steady improvement.

In September 2014, the unemployment rate dropped to 5.9% from 6.1 %, and it means that corporations are hiring. The wage growth is somewhat disappointing in the past year, because it is only up 2%, and barely keeping up with inflation. But good news is always better than bad news and the U.S. employers added 248,000 new jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Last week, this marked the 48th straight month of job growth, and ties the longest stretch since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started keeping track in 1939. The only other uninterrupted four-year run came during the Regan administration in 1986-1990.

President Obama is also bragging about adding 10 million people on the healthcare insurance rolls, which he proudly calls “Obamacare.” “That’s $1,800 you don’t have to pay out of our pocket or see it vanish from your paycheck. That’s like a $1,800 tax cut. And because the insurance marketplace we created encourage insurers to compete for your business, in many cities that have announced next year’s premiums, something important is happening, they are falling,” says President Obama.

As the president gets closer to the November election, his job performance numbers and polls are starting to improve. Last week the CNN poll put the president’s numbers at 44% and Fox put the president’s numbers at 39%. The Fox poll numbers were the lowest and there were poll numbers as high as 48%. This is an indicator that the more progressive poll organizations think the president is making bold moves to improve the economy at home, and also improving our leadership position in foreign policy aboard.

In the Stock Market, President Obama is enjoying one of the best markets for a re-elected president, and it is breaking all kinds of records. Since the president was elected the Dow Jones industrial average has gained 67.9%. The Standard & Poor’s 500 (SPX) Index are the healthiest in decades with the lowest net debt to earnings ratio in at least 24 years.

Large companies are piling up cash under Obama, and this has put them in a great position to service their debt. “By every economic measure, we are better off now than when I took office,” says President Obama.

The Republicans have tried to make the president a socialist, but in the four years he has been president, he has been a good friend to the business community. Because of President Obama’s business initiatives corporate debt as measured against earning has fallen. Douglas Brinkley, a president historian and professor at Rice University says, “History will eventually show that Obama inherited the Great Recession and resuscitated the economy.”

There are less than four weeks until the mid-term election will be history. The president has a story of achievement and success to tell the American people, and he must continue to blow his horn. The numbers are moving in the right direction for the president, and the Democrats must maintain the majority in the Senate.

Every election is important, and Blacks and minorities have the power to change the outcome of elections. The goal is to get registered Black voters to never come to the polls alone, and tell family, friends, and colleagues to vote.


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