The political hurricane

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

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The political hurricane

By Lucius Gantt


     During the last days of August 2012, a tropical storm tore through the Caribbean, clipped the South Florida coast and roared through the Gulf of Mexico on a direct path to a familiar place.

     August 29th is my birth date and for some reason every time a hurricane appears in the gulf on that day it hits land in New Orleans, Louisiana and often brings a heap of death and destruction.

     No one likes a hurricane. If friends and family hear there is a hurricane anywhere near you they pick up the phone and call you to see if you’re all right.

      People worry when hurricanes develop because bad things happen. Hurricanes bring strong winds, heavy rain, storm surges that devastate beaches and shorelines, power outages and more.

     Some say the worst hurricanes are political hurricanes! Yes, hurricane Isaac delayed the Republican Party convention in Tampa, Florida but all political parties create hurricanes.

      When major political parties convene, political gatherings turn into political hurricanes. Bad things begin to happen.

     Political hurricanes bring strong accusations, long winded speeches, dark, chilly and cloudy comments, dangerous debates, perilous thoughts and a flood of devilish political perpetrators!

     A political hurricane can be deadly. Good government programs can suffer irreparable harm, good public servants can be bought and sold by rich and powerful interest groups and corporations and decent organizations and groups can be misled and ultimately divided and conquered by stormy and surging political platforms and policies.

    Just as in real hurricanes, the seniors, the women, the weak and the poor can be hit the hardest and hurt the most. Those people are killed in political hurricanes because they don’t have the levees and storm wall protections that are also called lobbyists. They don’t have wealthy conservative benefactors that will keep the taxing political winds from hitting the rich like the taxes hit and hurt the poor and middle class.

     No one knows how much damage a political hurricane will do or who the hurricane will hurt he most. Hell, with hundreds of political pundits and forecasters suggesting which way a political hurricane will turn, no one knows which political party or which politician will emerge from the hurricane as an election day victor.

     Political hurricane trackers lie just like the weathermen lie that forecast natural hurricanes, no one knows what will happen in, during or after a political hurricane except for one thing.

     After the American political hurricane season is over, no matter what, the American rich will be richer and the poor Americans will be poorer. (Buy Gantt’s book Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” at any major book seller, like The Gantt Report on Facebook and contact Lucius at


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