The politics of duality is a political quagmire

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

The politics of duality is a political quagmire

By Derek Joy

     Now, here’s a real humdinger for you.

    Just think about it.  By the time readers peruse these incendiary thoughts, the American public would have feasted on its third and final edition of the Presidential Debates of 2012.

    Interestingly enough, the second of this public political trinity came only a week after the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  You remember back in October 1962.

    I was in my sophomore year at Northwestern High School.  It was a mess. The Soviet Union had been discovered installing nuclear missiles in Cuba – a scant 90 miles from Miami.

    There was a 9:00 p.m. curfew imposed.  Businesses closed.  All public transportation ceased operation at that hour.

    Shocking thing to the American public, especially for us teenie boppers who really didn’t fully comprehend the depth and breath of the potential dangers beyond what he had learned in history classes about the Atomic Bomb being dropped on Japan during World War II.

    Black Americans, and few, if any, other Americans imagined how the cultural makeup of then Dade County would change.  Hispanics – dominated by Cuban Americans – comprise the majority of the population in what is now called Miami Dade County.

    Immigrations is a stone cold mess in South Florida.  It is a big problem in seven states – Florida included.  Yet Arizona is the only one of the seven states to have at least made an attempt to attack the illegal immigrant problems.

     However misguided the Arizona legislation is, it is still an attempt to do something.

    But immigration was only given token attention during the Presidential Debates.

    So here’s that humdinger to mull over between now and the time our esteemed do nothing Congress decides to take the bull by the horns.

    The Florida State Board of Education recently approved a new six year strategic plan with student achievement goals that vary based race, income, disability and English proficiency.

    Imagine that.  English proficiency.  That has very value in the South Florida job market.  You either speak Spanish or take a back seat, maybe even get shown the door before an interview is ever scheduled.

    Somewhere in my public school days, as well as time spent on undergraduate studies, there was a U.S. Constitution, complete with the Bill of Rights.  It was drafted, ratified and enacted in English.

    In addition to that, every denomination of American money – both coin and currency – is printed in English.  The two together equal implied and expressed declaration of English as the National Language.

    What’s more is the fact that using Spanish as a requisite for employment deprives American English speaking citizens of the Constitution Right to “Certain inalienable rights. . . Among them being life, liberty and the ;pursuit of happiness.

    And if that isn’t sufficient food for thought then consider a real kicker.

    American citizens are denied not only those constitutional rights, but also, the right to equal protection and equal justice under the law when immigrants, whether legal or illegal, are hired and or given preference in the job market.

    That’s right.  There would seem to be just cause for legal action when an immigrant is hired while an American citizen is unemployed.

    With that, you can now tell your inept whimps who call themselves Members of Congress, that immigrations is indeed a political quagmire in the politics of duality.  Absolutely no way to see – and hire – American citizens and immigrants with equal protection under the law

    Consequently, the tiptoeing the immigrations reform tulips can no longer flourish as a political game for profit.


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