The politics of foolishness wreaks of political skullduggery

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

The politics of foolishness wreaks of political skullduggery

By Derek Joy

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Veterans Day has passed. We’re on the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. And Thanksgiving looms on the horizon.

Through it all, the unfolding drama of the Miami Dolphins’ bullying and hazing scandal still captures the attention of many, despite the calls of some that’s enough already.

So, for but one fleeting moment in time, imagine. . .

Jonathan Martin, the 24-year-old, second year offensive tackle from Stanford University, is not the product of a broken home. Unlike so many professional athletes, Martin was raised by both parents, who just happen to be Harvard University educated lawyers.

He is articulate, with a very good college education. Yet, his teammates, as well as others, chose to call him a snitch. Some called him a big baby, soft, in need of some toughening up.

“He’s not a ghetto boy,” said Frank Pinckney, who played center at Miami Northwestern High School and Fla. A&M University before a broken ankle derailed his career and landed him the U. S. Army, serving combat duty in Vietnam. “He doesn’t go in for all that stuff they’re doing.”

That is interesting. Even more interesting is that none of his teammates, or coaches, not even owner Stephen Ross, admits to being aware of what was happening.

Martin left the team after the constant pranks, hazing, bullying and threats were tolerated. Voicemails released exposed suspended offensive guard Richie Incognito as the culprit.

Miami Central High School Assistant Principal Daryl Grice, who played football and baseball at Bethune Cookman University, said: “I think there’s more to it.”

As such, there are some haunting questions.

One would be, could General Manager Jeff Ireland really not know? After all, when Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was entering the NFL Draft after a career at Oklahoma State University, Ireland asked him was his mother a prostitute.

Ireland can ask a question like that and not be aware of bullying and hazing? What’s worse is that Ross claims ignorance, too. With things going on that could cost you financially, or hurt your public image in business, and he didn’t know?

Moreover, Ross’ failed attempt to win public financing to renovate Sun Life Stadium was met with his donating some $200-million to his alma mater, the University of Michigan.

You thumb your nose at the working taxpayers and not know anything about a damaging scandal under your own nose is downright scandalous.

Hence, Martin simply shed light on a number of things by raising such questions without saying.  Exposed tortuous acts possibly criminal conduct or more, simply by walking away.

And they call him soft, a snitch. Courage and intelligence confirms that a snitch is one who informs on people engaged in wrongdoing. Not so when you sing the praises of someone as Incognito’s partners in crime on the Dolphins have done.

Black Americans on the team were terribly negligent for not speaking up for Martin. That suggests that they were jealous of Martin’s upbringing, his education and intellect.

Could be they conspired with Ross, Ireland, Head Coach Joe Philbin and his staff to bully Martin beyond reason.  Wanted him gone because he embarrassed them for being himself.

People so often tell on themselves. Calling Martin a snitch says there is wrongdoing. Claiming the obvious, we don’t see, is the biggest lie ever told. And the Dolphins told on themselves.


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