The Republicans trying to sue the President for doing his job

Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

The Republicans trying to sue the President for doing his job

By Roger Caldwell

In Minnesota last week, the President made some jokes about Speaker Boehner getting ready to bring a lawsuit against him. The Republicans have spent the last five years trying to block and obstruct every initiative that President Obama has worked to implement. It has never made sense, but when you are angry, your thinking is not logical.

In response to Republican obstruction, the President has declared this the year of action, instead of waiting for the Congress to do nothing. President Obama is using his executive powers to circumvent the inaction from the House that is controlled by the Republicans.

The President said jokingly, “In the heat of the moment, I may have said, I want to raise the minimum wage, so sue me when I do it. But I didn’t think they’d take it literally.”

Speaker Boehner is on a mission, and no one really knows why he is suing the President, but he is going to do it anyway. At this point, he is consulting with the best legal minds in the country, and everyone knows a lawyer will sue for any reason.

The President is calling this maneuver a “stunt for attention” but the experts are calling this an attempt to organize the different segments in a divided Republican Party. The radical right believes that Boehner is not a true conservative, and the speaker is trying to change their minds with the lawsuit.

With Boehner’s lawsuit, he challenges the President’s use of his executive power, and this procedure is similar to repealing the ACA 50 times. The members of the House knew they did not have a leg to stand on, but they could tell their supporters that they were doing something. It was never about winning or helping Americans, it was all about playing games.

Speaker Boehner knows he is playing games, but he can tell the conservatives and Republicans, that he is out to stop the President. With this lawsuit, Speaker Boehner can portray the president as tyrannical, and not doing his job. Some Americans who are also angry will probably agree with the speaker, but the political experts know that President Bush used his executive powers much more than President Obama.

“The Republicans in Congress don’t do anything except block me and call me names, and it can’t be that much fun,” says the president. President Obama is always a gentleman when he talks about Republican obstructions and disrespect. But the awful names that the President has been called such as tar baby and monkey is a result of him being Black.

Very few legislators or people in the media will admit that the president is being sued because he is Black, and they know there are no facts to support the allegations. The first thing that Republicans and conservatives can’t believe is that the President won a second term. Even though, Romney was a terrible candidate for America, the Republicans thought they would win.

The Republicans are on the wrong side of history, and they will continue to try to turn back the hands of time. They will spend millions of dollars on their lawsuit, instead of working with an African American President. This frivolous lawsuit is a stunt for media attention, and the Republicans will not spend time doing their job of governing.

As gridlock continues in Washington, the Democrats must get serious about registering more voters. If the Democrats are able to maintain a majority in the Senate and pick up more seats in the House, they can stop the madness in Washington. The speaker knows he cannot win a lawsuit, but he can keep a mess going on in Washington.


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