The revolution will not be on a podcast

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

      The revolution will not be on a podcast!    

A podcast or generically netcast, is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download in order to see or listen to.

Hundreds of people that regularly read The Gantt Report have asked to do a television, video, radio or podcast version of the provocative, controversial and informative opinion column.

My good friend, the revolutionary Hip Hop artist Lance Scurvin, has led the way in calling for TGR pages, posts and podcasts.

But so far, I have not been persuaded.

At this point in my life, I don’t want a million views, a million Likes or a million followers. I also don’t need any confirmation, validation or publicity about my long time attempts to educate and inform Black people in the USA and people of African descent around the world.

God gave me any media or journalism gifts that I have and all I try to do is use them.

However, I do want to use what skills I have to raise awareness and to shine the light of truth on wickedness and evil!

Since I’ve moved my homestead and my international business headquarters to my Atlanta hometown, I’ve found evidence that ignorance and trickeration is bliss and African American communities nationwide appear to be led by a plethora of charlatans, clowns and political puppets!

As a child and as a young man, I lived in an Atlanta where strong minded and strong willed Black men and women would not hesitate to help each other, support each other and celebrate each other.

Today, Black Christians don’t like Black Muslims and don’t even care about Black Yorubas and Black people that practice other religions.

The HBCU graduates don’t want anything to do with Black graduates of some non-Black institutions of hiring learning.

Any many Blacks will drive by multiple Black owned eateries to sit down with closet klansmen to enjoy Chinese, Italian, French or redneck cuisines!

Some TGR readers want a Gantt Report podcast but how will the podcast be distributed? Is there such a thing as a Black Internet? I think not.

Any self proclaimed and self inspired podcast may be like Martin Luther King Junior, good but dead!

No truth telling, outspoken, militant, radical or revolutionary Black view expressed on the internet will go anywhere unless it is accepted, authorized and approved by white Christians and white Jews that pretty much control American media and entertainment.

Negroes love podcasts because they want to see and hear everything. They avoid books, opinion columns and written words like the plague!

Buy your children and grandchildren books for birthdays and holidays. If Black children can read and count money they will be better at researching and understanding the difference between capitalism, socialism and African style communalism! They will know the difference between politics and poli-tricks!

I stay kinda old school with my books and columns because I’m smart enough to know the revolution will not be televised or on podcasts!


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