The Spirit of Grace has Power

Dr. Phillip Wright

By Phillip L. Wright, PH. D

`We humans may take it for granted since many of us do not listen to our inner voice when it tells us something. During hurricane Andrew August 16, 1992, I listened to my inner voice as I normally do. I lived in my mother’s home to help with cooking and oversee anything else that was needed. I checked her spirit and how she was doing at that time. I also checked the security of her house to make sure that Everything seemed to be safe during Hurricane Andrew. My inner voice told me that there was a school that needed someone to help them organize the people who were coming there for security from the hurricane.

I had been watching the weather about the hurricane and I just knew it would be something I had never seen in my lifetime. I drove directly to a school named Van E. Blanton. When I got there, the Red Cross was there, but without enough help for the people who were coming. I went over to the Head Person in charge and asked if I could volunteer and help get things organized here? The lady in charge said you are just in time to help us get this place in some type of order. I asked her for a clip board and 2 or 3 sheets of paper and a pencil. She obliged. I got a young person who spoke creole to assist me with writing the names and the room number.

I didn’t have to worry about those persons who spoke Spanish because I did too. I started to move the elderly further to the back where the Doctors were. I asked those who had children like my nephew and his children and their mother to take the stairs up to the big room and everyone must monitor your children to stay away from the door and windows for their safety.

I monitored the people of whom I had directed to specific rooms from time to time, and we made copies of what I had just organized of everyone there. This was a direct action of expressing Grace which is Gods’ Love within all of us. After the hurricane was over, I went back home to check on my mother and the house surroundings. Another direct action of Gods’ Grace is what I saw in the front of the house as soon as I arrived back home. The stop signs nearly a block away had been blowned off and it landed right over the planter bush directly under the front windows. There wasn’t any evidence of how it got there without damaging the wall under the windows. Gods’ Grace again.

The stop sign was just sitting there as if someone had just placed it there. Let us always listen to our inner voice when it talks to us directing us how we can help someone when they need help. The Spirit of Grace never dies but lives on within all our hearts. Grace is Gods’ Love.


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