The U.S. Constitution will Trump Trump’s money grabbing executive order

James Hankins

Letter to Editor

By James J. Hankins

Our three branches of government -Legislative, Judicial and Executive -have equal power so one can check on the other. The U.S. House and Senate will vote on his emergency executive order to build his wall. They will be forced to show us their true colors in front of the C-SPAN cameras by voting yes or no. TRUMP is planning to 1st take money from our military budget.

My fellow veterans, some wounded and homeless will watch four billion dollars leave our account and be spent on a 30-foot wall. My fellow teachers will also see money flow from our classrooms, lunch program and well over-due pay raises. My fellow senior citizens will feel the pain of smaller social security checks as TRUMP fights to put us on 1,666 calories a day diet while doing nothing to lower the cost of health care.

He is fighting hard to keep his promise to build the wall and forgetting his promises to lower drug costs, cut taxes on the middle class, rebuild our roads, bridges and make us GREAT again. Our country has gone from honest ABE to lying TRUMP. Would you buy a used car from TRUMP???


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