The Westside Gazette is proud to welcome Jemiah Clemons

Jemiah Clemons

Jemiah Clemons, Opinions Editor

The Westside Gazette is proud to welcome Jemiah Clemons, a high school senior from NC, who has a love for writing. Life as a high school student causes plenty of stress, but newspaper gives her the break that she desires. Along with writing, Clemons enjoys watching movies, working out, and napping. When awake, you can catch her doing homework or watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. Clemons has a passion for sports and sports medicine and plans on going into this field for a career. As Jemiah approaches the end of her high school career, she begins to make plans for college. With the University of Miami being her top school, she continues to work toward the dream of attending. She plans to involve herself around campus and live college life to the fullest.


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