The Westside Gazette Newspaper is honored to feature these contributions made by Broward County students in our Jr. Photojournalism Program.

Leja Williams, 14

Don’t be silence about police brutality

This week there has been a lot of police brutality going on towards teens in the community and now the news is starting to hit home right here in Broward County.

This past week I have seen at least three incidents on the news about the police applying too much force towards teens who are either just watching or trying to help.

I’m pretty sure there are many other ways law enforcement was taught to deal with incidents like these rather than applying so much force and treating young people like trash.

Law enforcement is supposed to help and bring peace, not create more problems and hate into the community.


Layla Davidson, 13

SGA can affect change in the life of students

On April 26, 2019, the Broward County Association of Student Councils (BCASC) held its annual convention at Pompano Beach High School (PBHS).

There were many Broward County schools that participated in this event. It was a very important experience for me and many other students.

At this event, we learned about sexual abuse, human trafficking, college, and how to improve your Student Government Association (SGA).

This was a very interesting and informative event.

I believe participation in Student Council and Student Government Association is very important for me so that I can affect change in my school and other schools.


Brielle Henry, 10

Village Life

While rehearsing for our upcoming Fashion Show and Cultural Expo, Mr. Kent Benjamin (Co-Director of Village Life FL) exercised with some of the little kids.

During practice, many of the children began to play around, but he found a way to help them with their boredom by teaching them how to do a squat,  push-ups and race around in the grass.



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