These are the candidates that have been caught in our WEB for goodness sake

These are the candidates that have been caught in our WEB for goodness sake

From the Westside Gazette Editorial Board (WEB)

      If you don’t vote, please remember how you have caused others to suffer and when you do vote think about the progress you made possible. When it comes to politics and those that partake in this endeavor as players with “skin in the game”, it is a cumbersome task for those of us who are on the outside looking in to critique them fairly.

However, we will either suffer or move forward with progress based upon their deliverance of the promises made to achieve being elected. To judge them on how they will represent the issues that will affect us and move us to the forefront of their equaled concerns is a dutiful task that we do not take likely. As we did not include all of the races for fear of misinforming and the understanding that our actions may very well be misconstrued by those who would rather hurt than heal. After consideration of the individuals and their abilities to represent us with vigor and with equal concern as FULL CITIZENS with all inalienable rights, We support the following candidates:


  • Governor/Lt. Governor – Charlie Crist/Annette Taddeo
  • Attorney General – George Sheldon
  • Chief Financial Officer – William Rankin
  • Commissioner of Agriculture – Thaddeus Hamilton


  • City of  Lauderdale Lakes – Beverly Williams
  • City of Wilton Manors – Lillie Harris
  • City of Dania Beach – Bobbie Grace
  • City Hallandale Beach – Anthony Sanders
  • City of West Park – Thomas Dorsett
  • City of Lauderhill – Hayward Benson
  • City of Tamarac – Stewart Webster


  • State Senator- District 36 Oscar Braynon


  • State Representative – District 92

Gwyndolen “ Gwyn” Clarke-Reed

  • State Representative- District 95 — Hazelle Rogers


4th District Court of Appeals —

  • Alan O. Forst
  • Matthew Stevenson

Vote YES! to Retain ALL!

  • Mark K. Klingensmith
  • Martha C. Warner

County Court

Judge Ian Richards


  • Amendment 1: Water and Land Conservation   

            VOTE YES

  • Amendment 2: Medical Marijuana —As the Amendment


  • Amendment 3: Prospective Judicial Appointments

            VOTE  NO


     Our sentiments and support of the bond issue.  “If you think investing in education is expensive, consider the cost of not investing.” Quote by Mike Gerber, President of  the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education (ARCHE).

     “No other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education. An educated workforce is the foundation of every community and the future of every economy.” Quote is from Brad Henry, the Former Governor of Oklahoma

VOTE YES — Question  1:  Re-Authorize the Children’s Services Council

VOTE YES— Question 2: Issue Bonds for Broward County Public Schools

     As we go to the polls and vote and yes, we must vote; let’s remember that in order for the political process to work as it is suppose to, we must hold the elected accountable to us, even if we did not vote them into office. On the other side of that comment, if we do not vote then accountability to us and for us will fall from their grasp like wind; never can catch it and never can hold it! 




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