Thousands line up to see Obama in Hollywood

Thousands of people lined up to see President Barack Obama at McArthur High School on Sunday morning.

The line extended about 10 city blocks about mid-day Sunday.

Obama was expected to speak about 12:30 p.m., as he campaigns in Florida for the last time before Tuesday’s election.

The details of the President’s visit were finalized Thursday night, McArthur football coach Andrew Rhoden said Friday.

 “It’s a monumental thing to have the President of the United States speak at your school and your football field,” Rhoden told the Sun Sentinel.

 “It’s tremendous for the program and the kids just to have that experience and opportunity to see the President firsthand. A lot of people go through their lives never seeing the President in person.”

 Rhoden said his players were “real pumped” when they heard about it and “it really motivated them.”

“It’s like it turned on a switch for our boys,” Rhoden said of the announcement regarding the President’s visit. “It really pumped them up.”

Staff writer Steve Gorten contributed to this report. 

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