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Three ways to save your hood today

Nadra Enzi

Nadra Enzi

Three ways to save your hood today

By Nadra Enzi


Private security.

Police-community unity. These three topics comprise my anti-crime activism.

Notice each doesn’t require “blessings” from on high or low; from bureaucrats who’re either indifferent or hostile toward you, especially if you happen to be from the inner city.

Hood crime is used as a cash cow by white power democrats who don’t talk to Black activists there, but use its murder rate to boost political careers and crony capitalist contracts.

So, saving the Hood is our duty, even if our tax dollars are being withheld by White power democrats who know keeping us underfunded keeps their cash cow of Hood crime fattened.

Self defense is self love, sisters and brothers! Being aware and prepared for your benefit and that of others means you actually value all concerned.

Walking high crime areas as a citizen on patrol means you consider these zip codes as important as some assess five star hotels and gated communities elsewhere.

Hiring private security for inner city neighborhoods and businesses indicates resolve not to allow violence and blight to destroy stakeholders.

Police/community unity is actually much more difficult than self defense and private security, because in White power democrat-run cities, such unity is actively resisted.

While street cops and some supervisors unite with hostage communities, their superiors don’t want this to flourish into real culture change where youth stop seeing criminals as role models and cease considering all cops automatic enemies.

The inevitable result of real police/community unity would cost White power democrats and their Black flock in offices and pulpits a strangle hold tightened by inner city violence.

Once we understand this sad state of affairs, conscious Black citizens, whether you’re a conservative, a liberal mugged by reality or a nationalist demanding accountability for our safety, must promote self defense, private security & police/community unity knowing it’s a steep uphill climb!

These three ways to save your Hood today won’t change things overnight, but can alongside other efforts make living conditions better in zip codes where Black life is a desperate gamble.


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