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Time to smell the coffee with the Clintons

Don-At-WorkTime to smell the coffee with the Clintons

By Don Valentine

The current donation debacle the Clintons are facing is a recidivist escapade.  This behavior dates back to the Whitewater real estate malfeasances when Bill was Governor of Arkansas.  To remind you that was back in 1991. This is 2015 and over 25 years have passed with the same Clinton shenanigans taking place.

Both Hillary and Bill accepted millions of dollars in donations from countries with nefarious backgrounds on terrorism and human rights. If you’re naïve you will not believe that this was a trade for favorable actions in the future.  Click your heals “Dorothy” we are not in Kansas. We are talking about the former Secretary of State of the United States.  Her husband gets a half million dollar speaking fee from Middle East sources that disagree with woman’s rights. Mr. Clinton’s typical domestic speaking fee is about $300,000 less.

These miscreant global players also anticipate that they can invest now for the favor with the first female President of the United States.  Not a bad roll of the dice.

Since I was not born last night, I recognize the hustle.  Favors get traded in the world of politics. Hence the Latin phrase “Quid Pro Quo”.  What I can’t have is a president that is not savvy enough to keep the dirt hidden.  If you are too stupid not to get caught, then you can’t be leader of the free world.

Think about it – Bill Clinton is not the first president in 250 years to cheat on his wife.  He was just the first to get caught and impeached for it.  J.F.K. never had that worry. The Roosevelts are suggested to have had some murky dealings with the Rockefellers, Hearsts, and Carnegies.  They just did not get caught.

While the Clintons have been empathetic to our community, we don’t have to be sycophants to them. The country would be better served finding a leader without the exposed corruption baggage. We must have another option that aligns with our community. Might be a good opportunity for Vice President Joe Biden to toss his hat in the proverbial ring.


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