Tips and Hacks for a Smooth Start to the School Year

By Rapheala Carvalho

We have had all the time to play in the sun and explore new lands. It’s soon time to dock and get back into the normal ebb and flow of a new school year. Let’s get the kiddos off the right way. Tip # 1- Get the kids back to their routine bedtime days ahead of the first day. Their bodies need time to adjust into the sleeping rhythm of a new schedule. That will promote alert minds and rested bodies for the new days ahead. Tip #2: Reminder bracelets are a great way to keep them aware of things they tend to forget. Slip on a handwritten note on a plastic bracelet to remind them of these important things. Tip #3: The world is a rainbow, so why not color code it? Color associations on their notebooks or folders will help the older kids quickly take out the correct folder for each class by a quick glance at the color. Tip #4: It goes without saying that parents need to be present in the daily process of homework. Set aside a reserved time each afternoon to conquer the day’s work with your child. You will see the beautiful collabo-rative relationship blossom daily and be able to celebrate in each success your child achieves. Tip #5: Treat a mistake as just that, a mistake. Don’t let your kids get too down on themselves or they will begin to find shelter in only attempting what they think they are good at doing. Encourage your child to embrace learning by being fearless, rather than fearing mistakes and challenges because after all, blunders are part of the learning process. Parents are a child’s first teacher, so model this healthy behavior and they will be sure to follow suit. Tip # 6: Help the teachers!!! They will be putting in tons of time to prepare for your child’s day, be sure to offer your help and remember them when it’s time to show appreciation for giving your child their best day after day. Have a great school year!




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