Transform…Beyond The Break: An uplifting new book equips readers with life-changing coping skills

TRANSFORM-BEYOND-THE-BREAK-Transform…Beyond The Break: An uplifting new book equips readers with life-changing coping skills

Written by Starr Baynes Merritt, ‘Transform…Beyond the Break’ uses a collection of real-life stories and similes to help readers champion through many of the “breaks” they’ll face in life. Merritt’s compelling volume will help readers conquer and emerge victorious from many of life’s battles.

      STAMFORD, CT – GCooper Legacy Publishing is proud to announce the release of the new book, Transform…BEYOND THE BREAK, written by Starr Baynes Merritt. Motivated by the breaks faced by teens (and adults), Merritt uses true, entertaining stories and relevant coping strategies and techniques to empower her readers to effectively conquer the difficulties that accompany these breaks.

She begins the book with “Who among us has never experienced a break?”  Transform… Beyond The Break gives readers an arsenal of proven coping strategies, imparted through enjoyable and highly-relatable stories. This book helps usher the reader to a place of understanding, acceptance and recognition. Understanding that some things happen over which we have no control; accepting that we are never alone no matter what trials we face; and recognizing the power that we have to control what we can… ourselves. Readers will be encouraged, enlightened and empowered.

“The target audience for my book is far and wide, ranging from teens, young adults and those who stay at home, all the way to time-strapped executives and everyone else in between.” explains Merritt.

Since its release, readers have come out in force with rave reviews. For example, one critic comments, “You will find inspiration written in these pages to transform yourself be-yond that break…and the next break…and the next.”

Another adds, “Easy to read, like a friend talking to the reader one-on-one.”

Transform…  Beyond The Break is available now in English and Spanish paperback and eBook at; and English Paperback at Phone: (203) 912-4643 Email: or

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