Transgender Athletes “Fair or Square?”

By Sarah Goldman and Don Valentine

She-Said: Wow, competing against women because you can’t beat the men takes some real balls (pun intended!) The nerve of these gutless, craven men is almost surreal. You don’t need to be a medical doctor to know that men have a physical advantage and it’s testosterone.

Don what would happen if Lebron became Lebrona James by switching genders. Then she went to play in the WNBA. She would average 70 points a game. Now tell me that would be a fair competition! How about a transgender Carla Lewis. Would she ever not get a Gold medal. Carl Lewis dominated track and had no challengers close to him.

He-Said: Sarah, you are espousing a fallacious biological narrative. Several studies have empirically disproven any suggested advantage for the transgender athlete. Let me cite a 2022 article in the acclaimed Scientific American “…The notion of transgender girls having an unfair advantage comes from the idea that testosterone causes physical changes such as an increase in muscle mass. But transgender girls are not the only girls with high testosterone levels. An estimated 10 percent of women have polycystic ovarian syndrome, which results in elevated testosterone levels. They are not banned from female sports. Transgender girls on puberty blockers, on the other hand, have negligible testosterone levels.”

Sarah, after the scientific dust clears, I live in the “State of Reality.” Lebrona James would have a bulk advantage. She, in this model, would absolutely average 70 pts, 50+ rebounds, and 0 assists [wink]! Why bother to pass the ball? Let’s approach the topic in the reverse direction. Could you see a transgender man (a woman at birth) making an NFL roster? No! Possibly as a kicker and even then the coaches expect you to still make a tackle, if needed.

Do you think the top woman softball player could go transgender and play in the big leagues. That’s a ludacris proposition. He wouldn’t have the training to hit an 85 mph curveball! The game is so much faster at the majors. It would be impossible for the top woman softball player to make it to “The Big Leagues.”

Sarah, I agree with you. Play Fair and stay in your own lane!


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