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Powell-familyTrash to treasure

By Ciera Campbell

Having attended different universities, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) and Bethune Cook-man University (BCU), rival universities at that, young, motivated and married couple Marcus and Stacy Powell developed a business that renovates foreclosed and rental properties here in South Florida. Both individuals are under the age of 30.

Marcus Powell started his dream of a demolition company from humble beginnings. In 2007 the market crashed and Powell lost his housing property and his vehicle. However, Powell learned from the market crash and, although his business hit the ground, his desire was to rebuild again. He was inspired to create trash to treasure. He now owns and operates a demolition company. While having a private real estate license and moving to South Florida, the amount of properties needing to be renovated was excellent and the opportunity presented itself.

“I contacted banks, real estate owned departments and began contracting for boarded up homes and homes that needed the services of a handyman. This was my new beginning,” states Powell.

“My husband always said he wanted to be in business for himself, he knew the benefits of painting, he noticed all the vacant properties in South Florida and realized the market was in a need of a renovation company,” states co-owner Stacy Powell.

Graduating from FAMU in 2011, Stacy studied healthcare management. Having graduated four years ago, Stacy had trouble finding a career designated to the healthcare management field.

Mrs. Powell states, “My biggest setback was experience; having been in college for the past four years, companies were looking for experience, and companies did not want to take a risk on me. However, my husband presented the idea of being a business owner and I jumped on board.”

Although, majoring in healthcare management and transitioning into entrepreneurship after graduating; Po-well acknowledges FAMU for giving her the tools that have helped shape her business today.

“My studies in business administration, strengths in networking and my knowledge of accounting are the perfect equation to assist my husband as a business partner in the demolishing company,” states Mrs. Powell

Having gone through many trials and tribulations to now owning his own business with his wife, Powell wants to inform young entrepreneurs that when times are tough it is best to stick out the situation.

“I would advise young business owners to first look within yourself, because sometimes the solution to your problem is one thought away. Then seek advice from elders who are doing what you’re inspiring to do,” states Mr. Powell.

With ongoing racial injustices in America, it is imperative that as a community we support businesses that hire within our community. In order for our community to continue to build areas which will serve their children, family and friends we have to lift one and teach one.

According to the Census Bureau, taken from the most recent data there were nearly 1.9 million Black-owned businesses in 2007. The business owners have contributed to paying nearly 100,000 employees.

The Powell’s inspire to assist with boosting the community and the employee rate in the U.S. by hiring employees and training individuals the trade of plumbing, carpentry and electrical trades.

“We are looking for people who have knowledge of handy-man skills; however we are willing to train interested candidates. I have my young nephews who are not in school for the summer working with my husband and me currently.”

In order to hire employees who are searching for careers in South Florida the Powell’s plan to attend job careers.

Mrs. Powell continues, “My husband and I had an idea to partner up with local vendors and job training centers and hire the young men and women who attend these job fairs and are interested in a new and positive experience.”

Currently, in the South Florida area The Powell’s have replenished over 300 properties. As for the future, the Powells are really pushing for their business to expand across the United States.

If you are interested in finding out more about this dynamic business please contact the Powells at

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