Trump – Dangerous Delusionist and Delusionary Supporters

John Johnson II

By John Johnson

      Trump, former president, is attempting to overturn his 2020, presidential loss to President Elect Joe Biden by means of a bloodless political and legislative coup. Consequently, he is once again demonstrating signs that he’s a dangerous delusionist. It appears that his distortion of reality has reached a level that threatens the foundation of America’s democracy.

This Nation must now realize that for four years our Country has been run by a man far too many believed is just a serial liar. Trump has proven to be far more than just a liar. In fact, to comprehend the horrific impact of this delusionist’s behavior on America, it’s necessary to compare his behavior to one of history’s most barbaric and delusionary leaders, Hitler. Like Hitler, Trump too has a base of delusionary supporters, which includes Republican Senators and House members.

Hitler was chosen because the world is aware of his at-tempted genocide of Jews and his demonic plans to destroy all of Europe. Sadly, even to this day, there are even delusionary American who pander to Hitler’s ideology and deny that the Holocaust ever happen.

Further, a brief historical review of Hitler is provided using information gleaned from a book published in 1972, entitled, “The Secret Wartime Report, The Mind of Adolf Hitler,” by Walter G. Langer. By way of comparison, it’s intended to help reveal the real dangers Trump and his supporters continually poses to America’s democracy.

Langer (1972) presented four predictions about Hitler’s future which proved to be accurate. However, only following two will be discussed because they are indicative of Trump’s current behavior:

As the war turns against him, his emotions will

Intensify and will have outburst more frequently.

His public appearances will become much rarer,

Because he’s unable to face a critical audience.

There will be no surrender, capitulation, or peace negotiation. The course he will follow will almost certainly, be the road to ideological immortality, resulting in the greatest vengeance on a world he despises.

Clearly, so far, these two predictions regarding Hitler, can be subscribed to Trump. Since his defeat in the 2020, Presidential election, his verbal outburst at the White House and tweeting have skyrocketed. Remember, he was once a media hog. Now, his public appearances have become noticeably scarce, except for on golf courses.

The second prediction regarding Hitler refusal to accept defeat, underscores Trump’s similar behavior. He too has refused to concede his loss to President Elect, Joe Biden. In fact, he’s attempting daily to have the past presidential election results overturned. And this is being done with the support of a delusionary syndicate of Republican members of the Senate and House.

It’s unimaginable that what should be a smooth and peaceful transitional of power, is more divisive and contentious than the past Impeachment Trial. American’s are not only terrified by the COVID-19, pandemic, but also by constantly hearing harrying attacks Trump, the delusionist, and his delusionary supporters might attempt next.

For example, Trump, along with his supporters, has discussed using the Insurrection Act of 1807, or Martial Law to overturn the 2020, presidential election. This could very well represent Trump’s greatest vengeance against America’s democracy and the Constitution.

Sadly, America, the most powerful democracy in the world, has a Republican Senate that has conceded power to Trump, a lame duck delusionist president. If left alone, his feckless behavior may create yet another crisis greater than COVID-19.

Remember, when the justice system turned a blind eye to Jeffery Epstein, he continued to rape young girls. Trump’s actions are far worse. He’s literally raping America’s democracy, and screwing the Constitution, while Republican Senators seemingly wait their turn. Do they have no shame or courage?

Senator, Elijah Cummings always said, “We can do better than this.” If this is true, then damn it, we must do it America. The Founding Fathers entrusted the Senate with powers to rein in an unfit president. Their refusal to honor their Oath to the Constitution, but rather kowtow to Trump, is full blown treasonous.

Now, consider Collin Kaepernick’s treatment, a Black professional football player, was literally metaphorically lynched for merely kneeling to protest police brutality and forced out of football. Yet Trump, a delusionist white man, can defy using threats, lies, and aid from delusionary supporters, that he has been voted out of office by American voters.

Within the next 30 days, Trump will be forced to concede that the White House is the People’s House, and he will be evicted, effectively January 20, 2021.


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