By Jake Pickering

      Just Google these words: “Jim Jordan Ohio State University shower room.”  Or Google these words: “Madison Cawthorn North Carolina fun drives.”  Or, if you dare, try Googling these words: “Jim Hagedorn Minnesota GOP sex trafficking.”  https://www.politico.com/news/2021/08/21/minnesota-gop-in-ruins-shocking-scandal-506487

Are you actually surprised or shocked? No, of course not, because you already knew the obvious personal and political motivation behind these fascist fanatics’ pathetic public brown-nosing in subservience to serial sexual assaulter Donald Trump. Many Republican members of Congress are every bit as guilty as Trump is! Just ask long-time Trump family friend Jeffrey Epstein. Oh wait… you can’t ask Epstein because dead men tell no tales. Ask Trump’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell instead. https://www.thedailybeast.com/ghislaine-maxwell-trials-biggest-bombshells-include-flights-with-trump-pregnancy-pics-and-latex-costumes

And then there’s the perhaps soon-to-be proven the most prolific promiscuous trollop in all of North Georgia, the unhappily married Marjorie Taylor Greene (also known as Congresswoman “Cornhole Karen”), who is of course reportedly a psychotic sex addict who can’t get enough of (or from) the sweaty, horny conservative customers at her cross-burning CrossFit gym that she conveniently enough owns down in “God’s Country” Klansmen Corners, GA which was the actual location of the movie Deliverance.

What a tramp! Marjorie Traitor Greene’s cousin-husband must be so proud of his lying, cheating, stupid skank hypocrite of a cousin-wife. The sick sexual stories being told by just some of the many, many men (and women) who have sunk low enough in life to get down & dirty with philandering Moral Majority Marjorie are truly disgusting, and in some instances downright disturbing! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9246917/Marjorie-Taylor-Green-openly-cheated-husband-men-gym.html

Now granted, with a freaky fugly face as repulsive and Picassoesque as right-wing Republican Matt Gaetz’s moronic mug, it’s really no wonder that Congressperson “Everyone Hates Gaetz “has to pay for sex (except when it comes to Gaetz’s fascist friend-with-benefits, married Marjorie). But paying sexually abused and exploited minor children to be statutorily raped by a loud-mouthed, brainless Florida congressperson after being sex trafficked across state lines is just too much even for the traditionally far-right partisan Republican FBI to allow!

Florida’s fascists fool the Trumptarded tool Matt Gaetz will be arrested, he will be put on public trial for his pedophilia, and Traitor Trump’s asinine acolyte Gaetz will be sent to federal prison where child molesters like Moral Majority Matt will be ever so popular with his sex-starved cell mates. Four words of advice for Florida Man Matt Gaetz when he’s in the prison shower room at Club Fed:  DON’T DROP THE SOAP!


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