John Johnson

By John Johnson

      Trump’s rise to the presidency of the U.S. was far easier than that of Adolph Hitler’s feat of becoming Chancellor of Germany. However, Trump’s removal from the White House by America’s voters didn’t end as tragically as was Hilter’s suicidal ending. Nevertheless, the Republican Party, due to their fear, lust for power, and wealth has allowed Trump to reign as though he’s carrying the title once bestowed upon Hitler’s “Fuhere.”

As president Trump and his enablers tried every unimaginable un-scrupulous tactic to dismantle America’s democracy and turn it into an Autocracy. Sadly, Trump, as the feared Fuhrer, and members of the Republican Party, continue to mobilize and pass legislations that suppress voter’s rights and enshrine gerrymandering.

The unmitigated power of the Republican Party to enact draconian legislation is reminiscent of Jim Crow laws of the past. Still further, Trump has coopted tactics from the political agenda used by Hitler to control the German people as well as soldiers of the Third Reich.

Trump has proven to be an accomplished manipulator with the ability to unleash the vitriol racism and diabolic white supremacy ideology which drives his base of supporters. Remember, we’ve learned that Trump gushed delightfully while watching TV as insurrectionists stormed the Capitol Building.

Trump, just as Hitler chose Jews to blame fir Germany’s failures, has instead targeted Black and Brown people as well as immigrants as the main threat to white privileges. When Bob Woodard once asked Trump about the pains Black people suffer due to white privileges, he replied, “You, you really drank the Kool-Aid, didn’t you?”

Even though Trump has been removed from the presidency for over a year, he’s still pandering to the following strategies Hitler used to rise to power: 1) exploited political conditions, 2) gave fiery SPEECHES, 3) organized mass rallies with red swastika, (Trump uses red caps), 4) proclaimed that only he could save Germany, and 5) promised to make Germany a powerful nation and restore the prestige of Germans.

One need not mentioned how Trumps plan is a carbon copy of Hitler’s doomed plan. If Hitler’s plan led to the fall of Germany, how can one expect the same plan in the hands of a narcissistic and proven unfit subhuman to achieve different results. Is it feasible that only two out of fifty Senators aren’t stupid enough to have drunk too much of Trump’s Kool-Aid? Jim Jones once served up a batch of Kool-Aid and the results were, should I say death defying.

Hopefully, readers of this article will have learned at least one crucial point. Which is, “Those who fall to read and understand history will surely fall prey to the mistakes of their predecessors.” Now, you know why Republican’s fear, “Critical Race Theory.” Uninformed people allow for manipulation towards self-destructive activities and acceptance of alternative facts.

Trump, the Republicans’ Fuhrer, is merely a reincarnation of Hitler, who he once praised. White nationalists celebrated Trump’s victory with Nazi salutes “Hall Trumps!” “Hall Trumps!” is this not a message of bigotry and hate?

America is no better than the totality of its people. However, Trump, the Republican Party, and their base constitute a dangerous core that only voters and Courts, embracing democratic values can defeat.


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