Trump’s 3rd Presidential  Voyage

John Johnson

By John Johnson II 

Trump’s 2016 presidential election and gala was reminiscent of the launching of the Titanic, labeled the unsinkable ship.  Regrettably, Captain Smith’s poor navigation led to the sinking of the Titanic. Trump tried during his first term at the helm to sink America’s democracy and replace it with his brand of autocracy. Having lost the 2020 presidential election, which was his second attempted voyage. Rather than this time sink the government, he ignited an insurrection and attempted to overthrow the government.

While the January 6, 2020, insurrection raged for hours, with utter mayhem, Trump watched from the comfort of the White House. To the Nation’s dismay, he sat glued to his TV as though he was the infamous Black Beard Pirate, musing a successful coup, not the president.

Capitol Officers fought the mob as though they were embattled sailors on the deck of a ship being attacked by pirates. Yet, they were fighting on the floors of the Capitol Building. Hundreds were severely injured and bloodied. Two even died because of their injuries. His mob of insurrectionists erected gallows to hang VP Pence and wielded medieval like weapons to kill Nancy Pelosi.

Despite not revealing to the Nation that he was a political pirate disguised as president, he too would’ve sunk the Titanic. But not for once, should anyone ever think that he’ll go down with the ship or Country.

As waves of pending legal battles threatened his freedom and presidential aspirations, Trump appeared on national TV to launch his bid for a third presidential voyage. Somehow it was like a scene from the Titanic with supporters standing on its deck rather than the floors of   Mar-a- Lago. This is so iconic, because it’s recorded that passengers on board the Titanic listen to music played by the band to calm them as this magnificent ship sank. It was reported guests at Trump’s event were prevented from abandoning his less than stellar presidential launch.

Trump’s supporters stood shoulder to shoulder just as Hitler’s followers did which led to World War II, genocide of millions of Jews, and the fall of Germany. Sadly, Trump has managed to attract a segment of the American population that remains just as racists and bound to their white supremacy ideology as former white Southern Confederates slave owners.

Amazingly, only in America would a former white male president who attempted to dismantle democracy, and overthrow the government, have the audacity to seek to lead this Nation on a third presidential voyage with him at the helm.

Is it not only insane, but dangerous to imagine that over seventy million voters voted twice for Trump to become president. Astonishingly, the words of Supreme Court Justice Alito, “Deeply Rooted,” more appropriately de-scribe the racism and bigotry manifested by white supremacists.

Thankfully, billionaires like Ken Griffin and Stephen Schwarzman, refusing to watch a third episode of the Titanic, have decided to abandon Trump’s third presidential voyage. As expected, with Trump struggling to stay afloat and relevant, tabloids have begun to troll looking for any political or criminal scandal the size of

icebergs capable of sinking his presidential voyage.

I don’t know who was insaner, Captain Ahab in Moby Dick or Captain Smith who navigated the Titanic on its deadly voyage. If you had a choice, would any of you get on board with either of these Captains? If your answer is no, then why are there so many Republicans standing shoulder to shoulder waiting to board Trump’s 3rd presidential voyage?

It’s possible that after Herschel Walker’s defeat, Trump may cast him in a role to signal aloud that the presidential voyage is underway! Certainly, we can’t forget Fantasy Is-land and Herve Volcanize. Herve’s impressionable shout of “The plane, The plane, made him memorable. Herschel, for his role, will become infamous.



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