Truth is limited in the politics of political deception

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

Truth is limited in the politics of political deception

By Derek Joy

     Here we go again. . .

    No, it isn’t the hit recording of the 1970’s by the Isley Brothers. It is the countdown to “Decision 2012” – Election Day.

    A scant three weeks remain until the Nov. 6th election, when American voters will either re-elect President Barack Obama or elect Republican Mitt Romney. 

    Yep. It’s time to “Get ready for the get down,” as put by one time Motown recording artist Willie Hutch. And that’s precisely what American voters look forward to.

    It isn’t about what will best help America as a nation. It is more about race and the success of the wealthy among us.  Just look at it for what it’s worth in fact.

    You see, short memories quite frequently lead to a repeat performance of miseries past. Or maybe worse. For confirmation, simply think back to the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

    The unregulated recklessness of the Republican Party drove America to the brink of economic ruin. That’s right. It wasn’t just Black Americans. But America was on her economic knees.

    Remember, for all the success of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, the economic recovery didn’t happen in four years. It took much longer, coming only after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and pulled America into World War II.

    Still, the wealthy have convinced Republicans to once again hoodwink voters to put them in the White House to further ruin what their George W. Bush and Dick Cheney started during their eight years in office.

    Yet they say absolutely nothing about ensuring that the wealthy are taxed at the same rate as everyone else in America. 

    They say absolutely nothing about whether or not a Romney/Paul Ryan duo will outsource American jobs to foreign countries as he did when he was governor of Massachusetts. Nothing at all.

    Won’t even say how many more Americans will have Swiss bank accounts and invest in foreign countries rather than in America. Won’t even say if taxes are paid on their profits made in foreign countries.

    No. These political charlatans won’t even detail how much such scandalous financial practices really cost the American economy. 

    Nor will they tell us how much the American economy – in both the short term and long term – will benefit by and to such dubious financial practices. And absolutely nothing is said about how much the American economy will benefit by a higher tax on the wealthy.

    One thing is certain. At the end of the Bill Clinton Presidency in 2001, there was more than a trillion dollar budget surplus. Unfortunately, that all went bye-bye under the Bush Administration.

    Still, Romney and Ryan, along with their supporters will have you believe that their mess could have been reversed in four years. At some point in time, reason, and not racism, should come into play.

    For without reason, America is doomed to languish in economic quagmires while the rich get richer. Just ask Cheney and his cohorts at Haliburton who won all those no-bid contracts.


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