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Two wars to take seriously in America

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Two wars to take seriously in America

Written by Phillip L. Wright Ph.D.

Unfortunately, America is still ignoring the known facts that it needs to find a solution for the institutionalized racism problem that has now become obvious to the world and spreading. However, America has the means to permanently eliminate the Isis terrorists for good, as well, at the same time. My contention is, if we as Americans do not face our own institutionalized racism demons, we could be defeated and fall to all other enemies invading our free Democratic society. Is this what we want to happen?

I am sure we do not. Congress and our President Obama should tackle these problems together; admitting what are the known facts as we know them to be. All Americans need and must face the true facts of our institutionalized racism dilemma. In America, Black men, and others, including some Black women, too are facing the danger of possibly being killed by police.

Police officers always have reasons disguised as their evidence why they had to use deadly force in a police shooting.

What must we do when our American legal system will not play fair for all of it’s’ citizens. However, if this cannot be resolved by the American law makers, law enforcers, and our American citizens and others around the world, we shall surely fall due to institutionalized greed and with institutionalized racism, and America will no longer stand as the greatest nation in the world.

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