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“Uncle Joe – HELP!”

Don-At-Work“Uncle Joe – HELP!”

By Don Valentine

Vice President Joe Biden, affectionately known as “Uncle Joe”, we need you to run for President. While I don’t have a math degree, my addition is very solid. You would quickly capture the Obama/Biden base of voters if you were to put your hat into the contest.

The African American voters are about 13 percent of the base. The Latino vote is about 17 percent of the base. That portion is not inclined to subscribe to the “Build a Wall around Mexico” rhetoric of the leading Republican candidates. It is a smart guess that the white voters that reelected the current Administration would be even more demonstrative in support of your candidacy. That is an easy 30 percent minority voter support and 20 percent Liberal base support.

This time the prime/liberal section of contributors don’t have to rationalize supporting a Black guy with a funny name. “Uncle Joe” the door will never be more wide open for you to become President. The Wall Street Journal Sept. 18, 2015 edition wrote, “Mr. Biden’s entry would coincide with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s ramped-up efforts to reassure her backers that the probes into her use of a personal email server while she was Secretary of State won’t derail her candidacy. That controversy has produced a month of bad headlines for Mrs. Clinton and helped boost her chief rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, in the polls. A Biden bid could make her road to the Democratic nomination even tougher.”

It is not really a question of “If” but more a determination of when “Uncle Joe” will declare. This scribe is not privy to the timing of that decision. It is unlikely that the build up to this announcement will result in Vice President Biden declining to run. There has been way to much pavement built up on that political path. Former Secretary Clinton will once again be found lacking by the masses. In this case another controversy over Clinton values will be the demise to her campaign. If she had only followed the rules. What are they teaching at the “Ivy League” Law Schools”? Come on “Uncle Joe” we need you!!

Don Valentine Free Lance Writer U.C. Berkeley ’89 B.S. Psychology, McGeorge Law School J.D. ‘92


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