James Hankins

Letter To Editor

By James J. Hankins

Educate yoursef so you can investigate and learn the right person to vote for on election day, November 8, 2020. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used “big” words in his speeches and sermons, then everyday words behind them to help us learn new words. He was teaching us, not coning us. Many politicians use “big” words as “double talk” to keep us from understanding what they are really saying. For example, BIPARTISAN: when the democratic and republicans vote together on an issue. DARK HORSE is a candidate who is not supposed to win.

Our last two presidents, Obama and Trump, were dark horses. Very few people bet on them when they first put their hats in the ring. DEMAGOGUE is a nasty, hateful, greedy, backstabbing, racist and lying parasite. Our UNDERSTANDING THE LANGUAGE OF POLITICS -LESSON #2. Educate country is in the hands of these two powerful (3/4) men, TRUMP and McConnel.

We must put maximum pressure on our U.S. Representatives and Senators to impeach TRUMP and the good people of Kentucky must unseat McConnell. All reading is good. Reading fiction is entertaining but reading truth will help you choose the best candidate to represent you and your family. This is an excerpt from my book “What We Blacks Need To Do” by James Hankins

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