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Unfair and unequal Justice in America

Unfair and unequal Justice in America

Submitted by Peace Maker

      It seems no matter where you live in America, if you are of African American lineage you are an immediate target for illegal harassment or death by Police shooting with some suspicious circumstances. Listen to these facts. In reference to the Michael Brown death by Police, the officer said Brown seems to be reaching for his gun. Well, there was a gun found in the auto with only the D N A of the Po-lice officer finger prints on it. Did the officer place it there? Why did authorities not find Brown’s D N A on the weapon? What were the true circumstances of why Brown had to be chased by the Police officer and get shot 5 times? Why did he run in his auto from the Police? I say he was probably afraid that he would be killed by the officer as it did happen, but not by hanging. Since there are a rash of many young Black men being killed by Police shootings, maybe as history may show that, most Black men may have an honest fear that the Police might shoot him dead no matter the circumstances. It is because in most of these shootings, Facts will show that the Police are normally found to be set free as not guilty in the shooting, which also stirs up more violence in the Black communities. How long will this continue to happen? And when will our United States Government decide to start enforcing the laws against unequal and unfair Justice? And who are these state attorneys and Judges making these types of decisions to free the police who did actually kill the Black man without a trial? It happens each and every time a Black man or woman is shot dead by a police officer. The equal and fair justice with fair civil rights must be enforced by our American Judicial System to permit the God given rights to stay in place for everyone on this earth.


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