Unique Fraternity

By Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

      She Said: Don, have you been watching the “talking heads” trying to parse Trump’s motivation for not conceding the election? All the frantic hand-wringing: Trump is staging a coup, or it’s treason, or it’s revenge on the Libs for casting doubt on his 2016 victory. I think it’s purely the arrogance of White privilege, taken to extremes by a narcissistic bully.

He Said: Biden and Trump are both privileged White men.  45 of the 46  Presidents of our union have been privileged White men.  The only exception was #44 a “Jigga-Boo” named Barack Obama! Oh for laughs, I don’t recommend you using that adjective. I’m Black, I can get away with it.

She Said: Keep in mind that Trump is basically an uneducated idiot, incapable of chess strategy. He has always gotten what he wants, whether he deserved it or not, simply because he is a rich White man. His refusal to vacate the office of President probably stems from a belief that his birthright entitles him to it. This is how the wealthy “ruler” class operates, as though laws and norms only apply to lesser beings like you and me!

There is no secret plan here. Trump is a chronic racist, and he’s pouting because the people elected his melanin-enhanced predecessor TWICE!

He Said: Nicole, anyone in Trump’s cadre would point out to you that he received the most votes for President from Blacks than any President in history. I am quoting our commander in chief. Yes, I know it seems odd that our first and only Black Presidential candidate received fewer votes than Trump. Pal, I also believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny!

Still, being a “poor loser” does not make you a racist. Recall President “W” Bush ushered #44 in with great decorum.  At the end of the day, it is the United States of America.

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