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United States elections and campaigning practices out of control

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

United States elections and campaigning practices out of control

By Dr. P L Wright Ph.D.

I am appalled and disturbed with how our system of electing a candidate for president or any other official office has become in our Great United States of America. We now need to re-construct and reinstitute the policies, rules and laws of conducting any type of campaign. Congress needs to debate new ideas concerning what should be a part of, and how it should be instituted for our elections when campaigning. My opinion is the Electoral College needs to be abolished or completely changed from its antiquated construction. I am embarrassed and in disbelief as to how our Government and our country has allowed the elections to be formally conducted without integrity and honesty and with peace. We must review and evaluate all that we have instituted and carried out in previous campaigns in the past during elections. This includes any campaigning for other official public office seats, too. According to this 2016 campaign that has been conducted with rhetoric, we do have legitimate reasons to wonder how President elect Trump will institute and govern his administration during his term of office.  His personal rhetoric used during this 2016 campaign is the cause and effect of some of the  states protesting in the thousands. There should not be any more profane language or degrading of anyone used by any candidate at any time in the future if he or she is running for the office of President. They should not excite and incite the crowd to violence.

The rhetoric used in the campaign is not to exclude anyone participating in the candidates’   camp, during the campaign process, or publicly. The candidates must learn how to manage their crowds peacefully when speaking to them. Each candidate should have the character of a person with integrity and honesty and with respect for his constituents and anyone else in the public. We cannot allow this type of inappropriate behavior to create this as a new form of conducting campaigns, or for it to continue in our functions of American process of elections as a new change.  There is no need for this type of audience inciting as part of the change. We absolutely do need an official law enforcement change of the law to control the terrifying and horrific corruption and other crimes being committed during and after a campaign. There have also been many crimes of misuse of tax payer’s funds, and possibly by some persons who might be connected with a public office seat, or some of their associates. It only adds to the dysfunction of our country’s government and our elections process for official candidates running for office. There should not be any opposition against the rich or the wealthy due to their financial status. In order to feel included, let us not feel we need to join the affluent. There are some who are wealthy and who feel they are privileged, and who might feel they can do anything they choose, and who feel they are able to change and create a different type of climate for our congress. I hope it is not a new disorganized and dysfunctional congress culture   instituting inequities, unequal civil and human rights and unequal and unfair Justice. Our United States elected officials, who represent the American citizens , have the obligation to create a fair, just, and equal judicial process and climate for all American citizens to feel safe and secure.

As well, our congress must also stand firm and legal for the civil and human rights with equal and fair Justice to be enforced by our laws on our law books. During a campaign, we do not need for each candidate to use as much money as he or she chooses because it is available at his or her disposal., creating an unequal chance for the opponent in their run for office. Both candidates must have precisely an equal amount of funds to conduct their promotional campaign for the office for which they are running. There should only be an equal amount of PSA promotion time allotted for television and/ or newspapers during the campaign.

There must be a professionally instituted judicial process to facilitate the changes for the issues and policies needed to enable our government to function equally and fairly.  We must maintain peace and work with President Elect Donald Trump who won the Presidency, if only due to the Electoral College and not by the popular vote. As a matter of fact, we should do the same for any other candidate running for an official position of office if he or she wins. It is the only successful way for the president and the American citizens to unite to continue creating the next Great Government Administration of the United States of America. The United States is still the Greatest Country in the world. We have always assisted any other country in need of any kind, but today we must be extremely cautious regarding the buildup of tensions and dangers confronting the world and the United States.


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