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Unsavory tactics taint the politics of political self perpetuation

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Unsavory tactics taint the politics of political self perpetuation

By Derek Joy

And so it is. . .

The Rally ‘N Tally came with the dawn of seasonal change. It got the attention of Johnny Whitehead, a schoolmate of several of my siblings.

Spring again. Winter’s chill will soon fade away with the melting snow.  Just in time to see political campaigns gearing up to high speed.

While much of America’s political landscape is checkered with the Affordable Health Care Act, erstwhile known as Obamacare, the shaping of a serious political battle in the battleground state of Florida looms on the horizon.

That’s right. Governor Rick Scott is raking in big bucks for his re-election campaign. A marquee event in the Mid Term Elections. Happens so without a duly named opponent.

Of course, the Democratic front-runner for the Democratic Gubernatorial nomination is Charlie Crist, the former Republican turned Democrat.

Republicans are having a good laugh, all the way to the bank. Democrats are lagging in fundraising but lead the parade of hopes for political change in the Governor’s Mansion.

President Barack Obama takes center stage in just such a race. Not so much because of the ACA.  More so be-cause of Scott’s opposition to Obamacare and Crist’s receptive stance as a Republican Florida Governor to Oba-ma’s policies in 2010.

Crist’s embrace of the President drew the ire of Republican high muckety mucks. They stripped him of his support base and power. Cut off his campaign financing. Pushed Marco Rubio to become the first Cuban American elected to the U. S. Senate.

Now, Crist is back to haunt the GOP. Got ’em kickin’ up dust; raising the ante to derail Crist and the Democratic charge for change.  A real Jim Dandy at our doorstep.

But the Gubernatorial race served as a backdrop for last week’s recent Rally ’N Tally that was led by the Rev. Al Sharpton. His focus was the injustice of the Trayvon Martin killing and subsequent acquittal of George Zimmerman on a second degree murder charge. That’s it. The political insanity legislated in Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law in defense of murder.

And that really got Whitehead talking. A different conversation than our typical topics when we meet in Publix in Miami Shores. He made some valid points. All centered around how Black America has responded to the Martin tragedy.

“Why don’t Blacks express the same amount of outrage when we kill each other as they have expressed over Trayvon Martin’s death?  We kill more of each other than Whites do.

“You know, God is looking down on all this wrong. And it’s wrong for Blacks to kill each other. It’s wrong that so little is said when that happens,” Whitehead said in disgust.

It certainly is. Perhaps that will come into play during the Gubernatorial race.

Just the kind of issue to point out the unsavory attempts to achieve political self perpetuation to the disadvantage of the masses.


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