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Voter education is the next step and the game changer for Blacks, minorities and Democrats

On The Scene With Crystal Chanel

    I think it is safe to say that #45 has become my community’s single most effective unifying agent. His vile remarks, racist commentary and bigoted perspectives make him an embarrassment nationwide and a catalyst for a widespread desire of change. In fact, in September of this year, reported, “President Donald Trump’s approval rating in the latest CNN poll stands at just 36%. That’s a six-point drop from 42% last month.” In addition to be the country’s biggest faux pas, Trump is pushing voters, especially Black, minority and Democratic voters to the polls.

Andrew Gilum and Bobby Henry, Sr. publisher of the Westside Gazette Newspaper.

Statistics consistently show voter turnout in the primaries average 20%; however, on the contrary, explains, that “turnout in this year’s primaries is surging compared with the last primary elections in 2014, particularly among Democrats. The elevated primary turnout levels are evidence that Americans are unusually engaged,” and ready for change. Bobby R. Henry, Sr.  publisher of the Westside Gazette, believes “democratic voters are energized because we finally get a breath of fresh air. It’s not often that you can have a candidate like an Andrew Gillum who remembers where he comes from, is not ashamed of it and stands up to Trump and his cronies.”

Sonia Henry-Robinson, Andrew Gillum, Pamela Henry and Elizabeth Dee Henry of the Westside Gazette Newspaper.

Energy, however, is only step 1 as voter education is key. Our dinner table and social media conversations should include amendment dos and don’ts so that energized and re-energizer voters can be more effective at the polls. Many minorities now believe like Prince Aderele, CEO of the Aditu Agency, who says, “this election is important as it is our opportunity to rewrite history so that our next generation can live a better life.”

For once, “Black issues” are being specifically addressed on the campaign trail. It is invigorating to see gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum rallying for working class citizens who dream of a brighter tomorrow for themselves, their children and their communities. For saking politics as usual, Gillum is speaking directly to our issues, i.e. criminal justice reform, jobs, the economy, gun safety, and the rights of women, immigrants and members of the LGBT community. Under his leadership, a greater America is a unified America, and he tweets, “We may not sound like much when we speak alone, but when we raise our voices together, this is how we will win. Let’s #BringItHome together.”

Amber Vaughan, President of the Broward Young Progressives, believes we will bring it home. She says, “for many of us, this is the first time since Obama, that we are voting for candidates that we actually believe in. Representation matters, and its exciting. Unfortunately, voter education is not as sexy. In actuality, voter education can be challenging, and for this reason, I applaud the volunteers and organizations who have worked nonstop to ensure that we are making in-formed decisions.”, offers the following insight: “Primary voters, generally speaking, are older and whiter”, so I say check on your community members. Make sure your circle of in-fluence is engaged and voting early. “The minority vote (since less in numbers tends to) carries more weight.” Voter education should be a topic of conversation from now until early voting ends on November 4. “Voter turnout at primaries help deter-mine where parties will put more or less effort towards the general election.” More voting often means more attention and resources. Together, we can keep the voter’s engaged and excited. On Thursday, Oct. 25, at Gigi’s Music Cafe, Broward Young Progressives will discuss rights and amendments ensuring that voters are well in-formed and effective at the polls. Voter education is the game changer.

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