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What are we teaching our children?

Dederick Henry, Sr.

Dederick Henry, Sr.

What are we teaching our children?

By Dedrick D. Henry, Sr.

     Our ancestors as Black Americans had to fight, march, protest and politic, and in some instances even die for our equal rights and human dignity. So when I see my Black brothers and sisters not conducting or representing what or how not to be, it truly moves me in the wrong way. I’m aware that there is a mirror in front of me when I say these words, but I, too am working on that. Right now I’m talking about the young brothers and sisters I see cursing in front of the elderly, pants sagging so low you can visually see their basketball shorts and underwear; both boys and girls. They have no manners, refinement, consideration or self respect for themselves or anyone around them. Just no home training!!

In some cases I know their parents would knock a knot on their head had they seen this behavior, some cases not too many. Many of these children are not being taught these things in their home, some have not been disciplined properly, and some have probably never sat to the table as a family and enjoyed a meal together. And some of their parents neither. Parents like the mother who turned her son in for hitting the bus driver are rare this mother showed that she cared about her son and his well being. A child needs guidance, not a friend; a child needs a leader, not a buddy; a child needs a guardian, not a companion. We as parents must do our best to instill certain life sustaining characteristics that will allow them to prevail in life or take them farther than they may imagine.

Simple things such as humility, a sense of responsibility for them and their actions, common courteousness, self respect, respect for others and their property, please, thank you, to follow rules, don’t break the law, to work for what you want and more gratitude and less attitude. Now that we can sit in any restaurant, ride anywhere on the bus, and go in any store let’s act humane and not like the animals they once called us and not forget those who fought for us to be in these places. Soon Blacks will be the dominate race and we don’t want our heritage or legacy to be lost or forgotten because a majority of  our people are not self conscience of their behavior and how many people it truly affects.

One rotten apple in a bunch can make them all rotten. I know all our children are not going to digest these concepts, but later in life I promise they’re going to wish they did. I could go on and on but my point is just be the best parent you know how to be, even if you have not been taught, learn from your child and your child will learn from you and your actions. Sometimes experience is the best teacher.


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