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King Saul had four problems that caused his downfall: pride, the fear of man, envy, and an evil spirit from the Lord.  Three of these were his problems.  The fourth was given to him by the Lord as a result of the first three. (Bible Believers Saul’s Downfall)

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.,

Based upon the comments and feedback I received  from last week’s editorial titled: Defined thoughts on filling the seat of Congressman Alcee Hastings, it is woefully clear that we are in dire need of a LEADER,  not just a seat filler who is there until the next opportunity arises.

It was expressed, exceptionally clear, that the feelings of the community’s needs have spoken to the extent of what is transpiring with this lost. What the community has said is: we don’t need all of you in the race.

The questions voiced:  Who are the best candidates for the seat and how do we get to the point of that question being answered without losing more than we shall gain?

The conversations toyed with who will be man or woman enough to say to themselves I am not going to drive another nail into the coffin of our people who are dying for the lack of leadership in the right positions because of “my” selfish ambition.

People are talking behind the backs of you candidates and around the corners from you candidates because of the hidden truths of your not readiness and on the issue of why, why have you gotten into the race?

There is much talk in financial circles concerning ‘getting their money’s worth’ from who’s in office by backing “them” in hopes that they will split the vote? This kind of talk does no good for the community when your feet fit the shoes of deceit.

Ok, let’s bring it to the people – who is man or woman enough to have an open forum to answer the hard questions? To go toe to toe out in the open and not hide behind the thoughts of a campaign ‘Wizard of Oz’ manager because they themselves can’t stand and fight in the trenches?

No, don’t get scared! I’m not talking about getting physical. I’m talking about holding your own. How is it that a governor, and please don’t give us that outnumbered stuff. We’ve been in situations where we were outnumbered, and we came away battered and bruised, yet Ron DeSantis can run roughshod (to completely ignore the opinions, rights, or feelings of others) without even getting dirt on his hands from a fight?

I’m sure that you candidates who have stepped up to the plate to get into this race try your very best to understand   the pulse of the community. If you haven’t read the article, Defined thoughts on filling the seat of Congressman Alcee Hastings and  no one has told you about it, maybe then you really are not connected or concerned about representing the people as you are about satisfying your own desires.

Now, you know as large as the world is, it gets real small really fast when we begin to talk and we all know that we the people do talk. So let’s do this: we know that you all mean good and you really wanna serve; therefore, conduct a survey on those who you believe have a different view than yours and see if you can persuade them to vote for you based upon facts, void of influence with POLITRICKS!

In the meantime please accept our offer to be apart of our  search for the person to do a better job than Congressman Alcee L. Hastings in the Florida Congressional Seat of District 20.


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