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What has caused Americas’ gun murder epidemic?

Dr. P.L. Wright

What has caused Americas’ gun murder epidemic?

By Dr. P.L. Wright

     The Second Amendment may need clearer comprehension, and our lawmakers should find positive input with solutions for the gun murder epidemic. According to my lifetime as an American born free, I have found that many laws created by the U. S. Government and the local city, county, and State governments have not been fair and equal for all American citizens. This cause and effect is now showing some of the after effect signs. However, America’s economic depressed state is one of the results, too. People do not feel safe without some type of protection since law enforcement does not treat all citizens the same, and many times they also do not respond to emergency calls with the same priority according to areas and race demographics. We must all face the facts in America because of our everlasting racism problem that we have not yet addressed with a permanent solution. We have become a gun-carrying society ready to shoot first.

    Unfortunately, we are not safe anymore in America, and not just from outside forces. This is not any reason to accept the monstrous shooting incidents that occur more often and more serious.

    Some of our laws have separated the parents from the children, and given the children more rights to resist parental control. Some of these ineffective laws have also taken the father out of the home, leaving the mothers alone to defend and try to protect and control their children from the outside dangerous influences.

    Prayer and the mention of God have also been taken out of the schools and government buildings, while our children have run amuck… Now American lawmakers, it is up to you and the American citizens to immediately find a permanent solution, or these devastating and horrific shooting events could get even worse than Sandy Hook and the other mass gun shooting occurrences over our nation.

    We do have responsible gun owners who are licensed and abide by the rules and laws to own a weapon. However, we must create solutions right now by working together and come out of denial about the gun carrying monsters that we have created in America while practicing racism and the love of money, and to say it differently, practicing greed everywhere. Everyone and many businesses seem to also practice greed no matter the cost.

    How and why should inequalities due to race and greed be worth the lives of our American citizens? This must change immediately or our country may suffer the ultimate defeat and destruction from within.


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