What is the element content of the bottom of the Indian Ocean?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

What is the element content of the bottom of the Indian Ocean?

By P. L. Wright Ph.D.

Missing Flight 370 has caused much controversy in the search to find it at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. However, since the bottom of that ocean has never been seen by human eyes, we do not know what is there, or its composition content of the floor. Hypothetically could it be that the bottom is much like quick sand and the plane has slowly been sucked completely into the bottom, showing no sign of any of the plane or its wreckage?

There has not ever been a discovery of that ocean. It is one of my thoughts. More mysterious, since a-round the world UFOs have allegedly been sighted many places including emerging out of the ocean, is that a possibility that there has been UFO interference in missing Flight 370? I pray we do find out what ever happened to Flight 370 and all of the per-sons missing aboard.



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