Wheels Up Guns Down? What does that mean?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Wheels Up Guns Down? What does that mean?

By P.L. Wright Ph.D.

I have watched the television news with many young men all over the place maneuvering their 3 wheelers recklessly. I am sure that Dr. King would not support your actions disrupting our streets on this memorable day to honor Dr. Martin Luther Kings’ legacy. Many residents of our city have now discovered they cannot go out on this day in peace. It has gotten to be too dangerous. Is that what you young men want to express and happen?

You have got the attention of everyone, but now what is your point? Shouldn’t you be thinking about high unemployment among blacks and others, high or no financing for an affordable education and a decent career to take care of yourself and your family in a peaceful manner in some affordable housing?  Do not allow your minds to be re-directed reclessly,  due to anger and your frustrations to your current conditions.

Open up your minds and understand and focus on how you can and need to express the real problems that exist truthfully to end the violence peacefully. These inequality dilemmas are due to the lack of education, jobs, affordable housing and other assistance programs for our young people and adults too.

This is what is needed to make your point, not disruption and reckless behavior in our streets with 3 wheelers that are not legal on the main streets where cars and other legal vehicles travel. Get together and use your intellectual minds to create and present the point that is relevant to all inequalities for blacks and others. Got it?  I pray you did.






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