When Rules Don’t Apply?

Trails in the Sand by Peter Traceit: The Street Detective

The Street Detective, Peter Traceit, has yet to personally meet Dr. Marilyn Doyle. However, that has not stopped some realtors from asking, where would be a nice place for someone to live here in Broward County or surrounding areas. Dr. Marilyn Doyle, as the streets would have it, is the new Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning for Broward County Public Schools. What has the Street Detective  puzzled is that the interviews for this executive level position are Thursday, July 7th, and today is Tuesday, July 5th and the job won’t be Board approved until sometime later. But the buzz on the street is: Dr. Doyle believes she has it in the bag. Could someone possibly have promised her the position before the advertisement even closed? The Street Detective has learned that Doyle has been working with a local realtor to find a place to live in Broward because she believes she will be the new Deputy Superintendent. How might she have gotten that impression? Might the new superintendent be continuing her pattern of not following the rules and doing whatever she wants without objection from the Board?

Following the trails in the sand leads me to some history of this position and the process for hiring in Broward schools. Super Cartwright, after she was hired by the Board, added this job of Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning to the chart. Dr. Carmen Balgobin from Volusia County was quickly hired by Super Cartwright.  Days later Balgobin was courted to return home to Volusia to serve the Daytona Beach community as the new superintendent.

This same job was subsequently advertised for a second time in early June 2022. A candidate was selected and offered the position. Street Detective has optioned not to share the gentleman’s name in an effort to protect the innocent. Not sure if he had a change of thoughts after learning of Grand Jury inquiries and the constant questionable behaviors in Broward, but he ultimately declined the offer.

After confirming that the second candidate for the position would not be joining Broward, Super Cartwright advertised the position for a third time. Dr. Doyle, in fact, interviewed for the job the second time around and had she scored at the number two spot, Super Cartwright could have easily just offered her the position when the gentleman turned it down.

The Street Detective has a strong hunch that the second highest scorer from that round of interviews was Dr. Valerie Wanza. No one can argue that Wanza is not an intelligent, well regarded by most, hardworking leader in Broward. Super Cartwright, for some reason, has passed over her for the top job.

The advertisement officially closed on Wednesday, June 29, yet Doyle is reportedly looking realestate  in Broward because she thinks she will be the new Deputy Superintendent. Again, interviews are scheduled for Thursday, July 7th.                                               Broward Schools has a hiring policy/process; however, Peter Traceit is discovering that Super Cartwright has no problems  usurping the rules.

But back to Doyle. For the record, this is NOT about her competence to become the Deputy. The Street Detective examined her resume and she appears to have had some career experience that might make her successful in the position. The Street Detective has discovered that she is qualified and she is a member of the Divine Nine which makes me wonder which one of her AKA sisters got into the Superintendent’s ear?

The streets are talking and Peter Traceit is going through the sands following all trails that lead to some understanding.

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