White Zimmerman and Black Zimmermans

Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

White Zimmerman and Black Zimmermans

By Lucius Gantt

      The number of African Americans watching and keeping up with the George Zimmerman trial in Central Florida is approaching the number of Black viewers that saw the trial of O.J. Simpson.

We seemed to be very, very concerned about  the following, the stalking and the deadly shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin by the by the Hispanic trying to pass for white, George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman’s defense lawyers moved for a summary judgment in the case shortly after the prosecution rested saying that Zimmerman honestly acted in self defense. After everybody in court and everybody watching at home laughed, some out loud, the Judge promptly dismissed the ridiculous defense motion.

George Zimmerman is a liar! How can I tell? Let me explain.

One lie leads to another. If you lie about what actually happened, you also have to lie some more to explain the lie. There has been no evidence presented that Trayvon, the skinny teenager, beat Zimmerman mercifully by raining blow after blow to Zimmerman’s face and broke Zimmerman’s nose. That scenario is impossible because you can’t him someone in their bloody face over and over again and fail to get blood, skin cells or DNA on your clothes, hands and fists.

Eye witnesses say when Zimmerman murdered Trayvon, he walked away. He walked away from the child’s lifeless body and walked toward the dog walk area out of sight of nearby homeowners.

I believe that is when Zimmerman took his handgun and hit himself in the face and took something smaller, perhaps keys, and made scratches to the back of his head in order to claim self defense.

I think Zimmerman, who lied about going to a store, loaded his gun and went searching for someone unarmed and Black to shoot.

Now, don’t be surprised if Zimmer-man walks. Many, many Black people in Florida have been killed by non-Blacks and have gotten away with it.

Black people in Florida, and in America, have been hit, punched, slapped, raped, castrated, burned, shot, hung, impaled, starved, poisoned, dragged by a car or truck and killed in other ways only to have nothing done about it.

I know you don’t like for me to write like this but it is true! If you hate me you should hate what happened years ago in St. Augustine, in Rosewood and in other Florida cities, towns and counties.

And, if you hate the Hispanic trying to pass for white George Zimmer-man for what he did to Trayvon Martin, you should also hate the “Black Zimmermans” that kill Black youth in Chicago, in Atlanta, in Houston, in New Orleans, in Los Angeles and in several other cities across the nation day after day, week after week and month after month!

I’m mad with everybody that kills a teenager and it doesn’t matter to me if the child is Black, white or sky blue pink.

Anyone that calls a child who is preparing to go to college that he doesn’t know a punk, a thug or an ass-hole and follows him and shoots him in the heart on a dark rainy night should try to do that to me.

I have a weapons permit just like the Hispanic trying to pass as white George Zimmerman has and if Zimmerman walks after killing Trayvon Martin and if I see George Zimmerman I will be afraid for my life, I will not wait until Zimmerman grabs me or tries to shoot me, I will do what I am certified trained by the National Rifle Association to do.

I wear a hoodie sometimes but I am not an unarmed teenager with skittles in my pockets. I am against violence against young people and grown people so I am always prepared to prevent it or stop it! (Buy Gantt’s latest book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” at any major bookstore and contact Lucius at www.allworldconsultants.net


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